National Youth Day

The Assemblies of God National Youth Day is Sunday, April 15, 2012. This year celebrates the 65th anniversary of what started as National Christ Ambassador’s Day on March 9, 1947. In 1947, it was suggested that pastors bring messages in keeping with the day, have a youth rally during the evening service and take up an offering to support student ministries in your church, district and national offices. Since that day, those requests haven’t changed too much.

South Dakota Youth Ministries encourages you to use this day as a day to emphasize your students IN ministry while also focusing on at least one of the following connections that catalyze students toward becoming lifelong followers of Jesus Christ:

· Connecting with God – the key to an authentic faith

· Connecting with Family – the key to a “lived-out” faith

· Connecting with the Church – the key to perpetuating faith

· Connecting with Purpose – the key to a meaningful faith

Check out this website for more ideas,

Fine Arts/Winter Escape

FAF SLIDEJoin us President’s Day weekend in February for the Winter Escape Youth Convention and Fine Arts Festival. It's all about youth discovering, developing, and deploying their gifts for the cause of Christ. Students from across the state can bring their talents and participate in preaching, drama, music, writing, and more during the Fine Arts portion of the weekend. Participants will also be part of two sessions featuring a special speaker Joe Donnell and worship band from Trinity Bible College.

NEW for 2012: STL Dodgeball Tournament on Friday night: $20 per team with $1 re-entry (all proceeds benefit STL) You won’t want to miss it.

Dates: February 17-18, 2012
Location: Rapid City, Bethel Assembly of God
Theme: RELENTLESS: After the One
Cost: Convention Registration: $25 (add $5 for optional Saturday lunch)
Fine Arts Participants add $10
Deadline: Add $10/person after February 3rd, 2012
Guest Speaker: Joe Donnell

2012 Official Rulebook | Evaluation Criteria | Sample Score Sheets
Promo Videos

Complete information at

Mobile CM Sign Up and Reporting

Campus Missionary sign-up and reporting has gone mobile! Now students can sign-up and report on their web-enabled mobile phones by entering into a cell phone’s web browser (or use the QR code below). From there they can sign up as a new Campus Missionary or complete a monthly report. But this is more than just a mobile site – just add to the phone’s Home screen (on IOS or Android) to make it a web app.

Summer Camp

Hopefully you've noticed that the weather is getting nicer where you live (unless you live in northeast SD) and the greatest weeks of the year...SUMMER CAMP!..will be soon upon us. This is a quick update to answer questions about camp as we are getting into the camp planning season.

The district camp site, is being renovated. Our goal is to have it up and running by mid March. Until then you can find dates, information, and registration forms at Just click on the summer camp tab at the top of the page.

Once we have the site up and running families will be able to register and pay online, but they will still need to turned a signed form into their local church. The deadline for the $55 pre-registation rate is April 15th.

Your church will also receive camp info, group registration forms, posters and postcards in the mail.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have questions or concerns please contact our office.

We are looking forward to our greatest weeks of camp yet! Thank you for getting the word out and making it happen in your church.

Growing 3-2-1

At our recent Momentum youth leader's retreat, two themes emerged during the times of networking and discussion...making disciples and building community.

It started as Supt. Schaible shared his perspective on what we are doing well in youth ministry and where we are falling short. We're doing a good job of being on the cutting edge and creating environments that students want to be part of. But we were challenged with a question: Can you clearly and succinctly describe how you are making disciples in your ministry?

The answer to this question more often than not is no. Throughout the weekend great insights were shared and we came away with a renewed desire to reach students and make disciples. We closed the retreat with a challenge: "3 books, 2 students, 1 leader."

What could happen across our district if over the next six months we each:

Read 3 Books...any topic. A book of the Bible? Intentional, personal growth. Leaders are readers.

Build 2 Students...prayerfully chosen. Intentionally discipled. Meet regularly. Pour into young lives; do life together. Ask hard questions. Raise the level of expectation.

Train 1 Leader...reproduce yourself. Empower and release for ministry. Consider asking a parent. Give ministry away. Your next great ministry leader is waiting to be discovered.

What could happen if we grew personally and intentionally got involved in three lives in the next 6 months? Maybe you already have a process...great. If not, this is a starting point.

Go for it! Share your experiences and encourage others.
Let's build the Kingdom together!

Winter Escape/Fine Arts Deadline Approaching

The registration deadline for our Winter Escape/Fine Arts Festival is rapidly approaching. Click here for all the details. The cost to register increases by $10 after Feb 4th.

Fine Arts is all about students discovering, developing, and deploying their ministry gifts for the cause of Christ. Youth from across the state can bring their talents and participate in preaching, drama, music, writing, and more during the Fine Arts portion of the weekend. Participants will also be challenged and inspired during two sessions featuring Greg Washington from Trinity Bible College and the worship band from Yankton 1st AG.

Questions? New to FAF? Check the SOFA (School of Fine Arts)

We look forward to seeing you in the Rapid City!

Winter Escape/Fine Arts Festival

Promotional video for Winter Escape and Fine Arts Festival for 2011!



MOMENTUM is a chance for youth leaders from across the state to come together and sharpen each other, reconnect relationships, regain focus, and gain valuable ministry perspectives.

We know you minister in your church and community every day. You’re always on call, and your schedule is always full. This is our chance to minister to you.

Be sure to register before January 3.

Full Details Here

On Month Challenge + Inspiration

Check out this report from one SD youth ministry about their use of the "One Month Challenge"

We did the one month challenge that has now truned into the one year challenge. One student in particular started it 2 days before we started it as a group without realizing it. In the one month timeframe, I told him to keep track of how many conversations it starts and at the end of the month, he had 83 conversations that were started about God just because he carried his bible at school!!

What will happen when you accept the One Month Challenge?

Youth Service Idea

I had the opportunity to share a meal with Jeremey and Ashely Merrill a few days ago.  He shared an idea they are doing that sounded great!

It features a great way to interact with the students, cover relevant topics to the teens present that night, use technology they are into, and create a safe environment for interaction.

If you are looking for a new variety on how to impact the lives of your students, check this out.

Our "Living Room" sessions. 
They're a part of our current series "reaLife" based on the movie "To Save A Life." Every three weeks we have a Q&A session for the students to ask questions. We have four ways for them to ask questions. They can e-mail the Soul'd Out e-mail address, they can send a facebook message to the Soul'd Out FB page, and then 2 way of asking them anomyously. They can write their question down and stick it in "the vault" (which is a tote with padlocks on it with a hole in the top), or they can send a txt message live to the Soul'd Out phone. I got a pre-paid cell phone for $20 and an unlimited txt plan for $20/mo. We don't have any numbers programed in so we don't know who they are. You wouldn't believe the questions we get from the students. This has been an awesome way for them to open up and ask what's really on their heart privately but publically. It's been really good for the students to hear what eachother are going through too.

Give it a try or send me your idea.

Are you looking for a great cross-cultural missions experience for your students. Please consider Kings Castle. Our students have returned for 7 years and counting and each one has been unique and impacting!

Join our team in 2011! (details coming soon -

SALT - Young Adults

If you are ministering to young adults in your church, then the SALT conference is for your church.  This regional event is held once a year for college students and young adults.  Your high school seniors will benefit from this event as well.

Here are some of the main features:
Location: Sheraton Convention Center, Sioux Falls, SD
Dates: January 6-9, 2011
Speaker: Sean Smith
More Information


Whether you are a addict or if you've been waiting to see if this resource is really worth it, you will LOVE volume 4.

The team at National Youth Ministries have really outdone themselves with a fresh new design, easy to navigate user interface, and top quality content for youth leaders across the nation.

Volume 4 is filled with all new leadership resources, youth ministry apps, and of course - fresh new sermon series.

The following is a sample of some of the content:

Sermon Series:  Life of a Disciple, Three Most Important Decisions, Character Test, The Biggest Loser, Sex is Not a Four Letter Word, Is Satan Real?, Superhero Faith and more.  There are a total of 55 messages in all!

Leaders will also gain quality support from the Leadership and Apps section of the site which include ministry assessments, strategies, countdown videos, volunteer applications, and more.

Order volume 4 today!

College Days

Are you a student who is considering secondary education at an Assemblies of God college or University? Do you know someone who is?

Many of the AG colleges schedule official visit days (College Days) in the Fall and/or Spring of the year.  These are great road trips for families to see the campus, view the spiritual environment, meet the teachers, and find out about scholarships.  However, feel free to schedule a visit to the campus for any of these schools at a time that fits your schedule.

We have four AG institutions for higher education within a few hours of South Dakota.  I recommend any of them for pursuing your degree.

Central Bible College - Springfield, MO (College Days - October 15, 2010)
Evangel University - Springfield, MO (Visit Days - October 15, 2010 - Homecoming)
North Central University - Minneapolis, MN (Schedule a Campus Visit)
Trinity Bible College - Ellendale, ND (Schedule a Campus Visit)

If you didn't find what you are looking for in one of these colleges you'll find the full list of AG Colleges and Universities online.

Do you want the education while getting practical ministry experience and discipleship?  Then Master's Commission might be right for you.  The following are three regional MC's for you to consider:

Black Hills Masters Commission (Rapid City, SD)
Heartland Masters Commission (Cold Spring, MN)
Bellevue Masters Commission (Bellevue, NE)

Michael's CM Report

Encourage your Campus Missionaries with this inspiring story from Michael of Clark, SD.  This was Michaels second report for September.  The first stated he was meeting with school leadership about starting a Bible club.  The following was his report after that meeting.  It has been shared with his permission.

"I really wanted to make another report for this month. We had our first Bible study club meeting yester, now known as Army of Youth. We are opening up examining the Book of Acts. On next Wednesday we will have a group discussion on everyone's thoughts and ideas of the book of Acts. And I will then ask the group of why they think I decided to open with the Book of Acts. I have made plans for the next four weeks. Like I said for the first week we are doing the Book of Acts. The second week we are going over The Book of Ephesians all the way through the Book of Philemon. For our third week we are going over Romans through 1 Corinthians. And for our fourth week we will go over 2 Corinthians through Galatians. I chose to open the group up with the Book of Acts because it is a good source to show that you shouldn't hide your faith and that "You Belong" in the group of Jesus Christ. And that if you make the decision to either have little to no faith or if you choose to hide your faith, there will be consequences. With week two through four you probably notice I chose for us to go over the letters that Deciple Paul wrote. I chose to do this because they are good representations of teen issues; family issues, leadership, Faith, relationship, and much more of the many problems in a teens life. Last night at youth group and as well as at the Bible study yesterday morning, I brought up the 1 month challenge and many people were interested in joining me in doing it. We are going to start next Tuesday and we are really excited about doing it. Also at youth group last night, an idea that I had during math class, I brought in a large jar with change that I collected from my room and the 6 dollars in cash that I had in my pocket. The idea that I had was for all of us to start throwing any change that we have that we don't need and then in a couple months or so, we will count it up and send it to the Food for the Hungry. I can't wait to see how all this plays out. I am really excited. God Bless Everyone, Michael"

I love the thought and process he put into planning his meetings.  Way to go Michael, we are proud of you!

Battle of the Bands

Search On v5 - Battle of the Bands

Register your band and get more information

Road Trip

Search On v4 - Road Trip


Get more details

STL-AllWillDrive 5k

Search On v3 - awd5k

Find out more about the run and youth convent10n

Memorization Resource

Psalm 119:11 tells us to "hide the Word in our heart" in order to avoid sin.  Unfortunately in many of our churches today people are not challenged to even bring their Bible with them let alone read or memorize it.

I would like to challenge your children and teens to memorize God's Word this school year.  Not the whole thing - but facts about Gods Word, verses, chapters or entire books of the Bible.  It can be done!

Studies show that what kids and teens memorize stay with them later in life as well.  Additionally, it has been said that kids who learn how to memorize are able to increase their school grades as well.  More importantly, kids involved in Bible Quiz are more likely to make the faith of their parents their own which will help them stay true to their beliefs into their adult years.

The Assemblies of God provides two great ministries that challenge your student to memorize.  Junior Bible Quiz, and Teen Bible Quiz.

Even if quizzing isn't your passion, you will find some great resources to help you teach the Word of God and help your students memorize.

Check it out!

Where Will You Be?

Search On v2 - Where Will You Be?

Find More Youth Convent10n Details

Greg Washington

If you are looking for a back to school event, all night activity, retreat, or see you at the pole rally, and are in need of a dynamic youth speaker - I would like to recommend Greg Washington to you.

Greg is a student at Trinity Bible College with a call to Evangelism.  He has been mentored in recent years by two amazing DYDs (Mark Zweifel, and Steve Tripp) and spent time with Allen Griffen (youth evangelist).

His humble heart and passion for Jesus is contagious and your students will connect well with him.

You can find Greg on Facebook to connect for scheduling at your event.

Did You Know?

One of the four pillars* of Youth Alive is the Campus Club.  These student-led groups are encouraged to meet weekly on the campus of the public school in an effort to serve their campus and make a positive impact on their classmates by spreading the love of Jesus Christ.

However, sometimes students have a hard time knowing how to lead these clubs and know what to share on a weekly basis.

Did you know that the Youth Alive website has enough resources to lead a club all the way through Jr High/Middle School and High School?

Here is just a sample of some of the topics:
- Being Different
- Crisis Care
- Dating
- Destiny
- Dream for the Future
- Friendships
- Giving
- Leadership
- and more

Check them out! Use them each week to help make your club more than just a gathering.  Make your club a positive impact for the Cause of Christ! > Resources > Campus Club Meeting Guides & Campus Club Monthly Meeting Guides

*The four pillars of Youth Alive are Prayer Zone Partners, Campus Missions, Campus Clubs, and The Seven Project

Royal Ranger Pow Wow

2010 Royal Ranger Pow Wow

Date: September 17-19, 2010
Cost: $30 per person
Location: Ken Korkow Ranch (East of Pierre)
- Friday Supper - LFTL Steak Wagon
- Saturday Breakfast - On Your Own
- Saturday Lunch - On Your Own
- Saturday Supper - Wild Game Feed (Pot Luck) Every outpost brings something to share, beans, bread, dessert are provided
- Sunday Breakfast - On Your Own

Download Information
Download Poster

STL Thanks - Guatemala

A letter of thanks from Dave and Debbie Amsler - AGWM Missionaries to Guatemala.

Debbie and I want to personally thank the youth and leaders who invested so much into Speed the Light with their purchase of a media equipment package that was delivered by Doug and his PennDel AIM team just last week. We immediately put the equipment into use. The first program we did in a public school in Los Amates, Guatemala we saw 197 students respond to a salvation invitation.

We saw the favor of God help us get the equipment into the country. The airline waved the normal overweight and oversize fees that would have been close to $2000. Then, once in country we were only charged $2.50 customs fee that could have been several hundreds of dollars more.

It was such a joy not only to receive these precious tools, but to have them delivered by students who helped raise some of those funds and from one of the DYDs. We are so grateful to everyone who had a part in this gift to the children and youth of Guatemala.

In the last few days we presented our ministry to more than 3000 students in 10 presentations and saw well over 600 pray to receive Christ. We have nearly a dozen more programs in the next 14 days with an anticipated audience of over 4000 more students.

We are now doing the prep work for year of the child in 2011 with an emphasis we are calling “For the Love of the Children.” We expect to touch between 25,000 to 50,000 children and youth next year as well as host evangelism leadership training events around the country to 500-1000 student leaders.

As an ex-DYD it is such an honor to be on this side of Speed the Light. I wept when I received the keys to my STL truck and now I weep again thinking about the sacrifice of leaders and students who support missionaries with ministry tools to impact the world with the gospel.

Thank you for your passion for world evangelism and your investment in our work in Guatemala.

NYC Detoit 2010 Days 4 & 5

The End of an Incredible Week!
Guest Blogger: Tyler Tufte

Thursday & Friday have been our last days of our trip to Detroit 2010. After some confusion about Kym's callback was cleared up (she received a "Superior" but no callback) we realized we had nothing going on Thursday so we decided to go forward with our original plan to head to Sandusky, OH & Cedar Point, voted the "Best Amusement Park in the Country". We got there around 11:30am & got back to our hotel at 1:15am. It was a full day but lots of fun. I'm sure each student will have a different story from their day at the park to share with you when they get home!

Friday morning Ryan Parker had a trombone audition with "Valley Forge" A/G College. They were very interested in him attending their school. We hope he gets a good scholarship! In the afternoon we went to Pastor Tyler's in-laws' house to go swimming in their outdoor pool. What a great day in the sun! Friday evening we attended the Celebration Service where the winners of each fine arts category are announced and some of them perform on stage. It's amazing to see such talent. It motivated us to do even better than we have in the past and really made us want to see a South Dakota teen win some year. Next year what SD teen could that be and what do we need to do now to make that happen? Phoenix 2011 could be the year but to do it we'll need many more teenagers involved in Fine Arts. It's never too early to start preparing for Fine Arts 2011!

Tomorrow we'll leave our hotel in Southfield, MI at 8am and head to Indianola, IA to sleep in the parsonage of First Assembly of God. Should be about a 10 hour drive. Pray again for our safety. God has kept us safe so far and we trust he will continue to until we get home. Baring any trouble on our trip home tomorrow, this will be our last blog for our trip. Thank you so much for your prayers and for making this trip happen for your student. God has blessed these kids with so much. Just as we helped them go on this trip, let's help them develop these gifts at home & find opportunities for them to use it in ministry. After all that's why we do trips like this!

Posted by Tyler Tufte at 8:16 PM

El Salvador Stats

20 Programs
1,229 People in our presentations
692 People made decisions to follow Christ
269 People prayed for problems/healing
3 Campaigns
1 Big Day

NYC Detroit 2010 Day 3

Our first full day of Fine Arts!
Guest Blogger: Tyler Tufte

Yesterday we arrived at the convention center and had our first 2 entries go back to back: Taylor Weber's (Crosswalk Community Church, SF) Vocal solo & Kym Tufte's (SF First A/G) Vocal solo. The both did a fabulous job and each received an "Excellent" scoring which is the second highest, just shy of a call back for the second round. Later in the day Kym performed her drama solo (which she wrote herself!) and a short sermon. She received an "excellent" on her drama solo and a "Superior" on her Short Sermon which means she is able to advance to the next round! Her callback performance will be sometime Thursday. We'll find out the time Wednesday night.

Kym wasn't the only one to get a "Superior". Ryan Parker (Aberdeen First A/G) did as well for his incredible trombone solo. Kristin Wileman (Aberdeen First A/G) performed her Keyboard Solo and received an "Excellent". We also ran into a couple families from Rapid City and we're able to go to one of their events to cheer them on as well. Many more events are taking place on Wednesday. So much incredible talent in our state of South Dakota! Are we using it to it's fullest year-round?

Tuesday evenings service was once again powerful. After "Press Play" led worship, Julie Khoo spoke. She is an incredible youth pastor (think Jeanne Mayo) in Malaysia. She hasn't taken a salary or honorarium for over 24 years! As she came to the pulpit God put a new message in her heart. She shared on the abuse, neglect, & drugs of her past and about the healing God brought to her life. Many responded to the alter.

Last night during our group time before bed we were talking about how much we wish others could be here with us. The experience, the memories, the ways God grows you & challenges you - one spoke up and said she was so excited to hear all these different incredible speakers - we just wish we could share it with more of SD teenagers because we know how it affects our lives. We decided next year we all are going to make a push in our churches for more to be involved in Fine Arts. This program helps you discover & develop your gifts so you can use them for God. Start thinking/planning now for Fine Arts next year and start your journey towards discovering God's calling on your life.

Click on the links below to find performance videos as they are uploaded:
Aberdeen First Assembly Youth - OneCause YM
Sioux Falls First Assembly Youth - Revolution Student Ministries
Crosswalk Community Church Youth
***Working on uploading more videos

Posted by Tyler Tufte 8.4.10 11:34AM

NYC Detroit 2010 Days 1 and 2

We made it!
Guest Blogger: Tyler Tufte

We officially arrived in Detroit about 6pm last night. We had quite the journey to get here. After leaving Sioux Falls at 8am we got to Mondomin, IA & barely rolled into town due to a power issue. After a new battery we were on the road. We made it another hour and the same issue forced us to pull over in Atlantic, IA. We had the alternator replaced but later we found out that did not resolve the issue either. We then decided to try to get a different vehicle from Sioux Falls to take us the rest of the way. We called First Assembly of God in Atlantic who graciously opened their church to us for the night so we could sleep. They were definately a God send & the students were able to practice their events in the sanctuary before we went to bed. During the night Pastor Jerad from Sioux Falls drove the church bus down to us. We awoke at 4am(!) to drive the 13 hours to Detroit so we wouldn't miss the first service. Thankfully my church secretary, Bonnie Leninger, was in Detroit with her grand daughter and family for Fine Arts and she was able to register us before we got there!

We had so much help in getting to Detroit: Dave Bauchspiess who was on the phone with us all day Sunday, Jerad who drove all night to get us the bus, Eric Nickson from Omaha who drove a van part to us an hour away, First Assembly of Atlantic, and so many others. It was a blessing to know that in the face of such adversity God was still there to take care of us. It was cool to see the family of God help each other like that.

Last night's service was great! Press Play led worship and Robert Maddu shared a great message about the gift God has put inside of each of us as well as the dirt in our lives. We made it back to our hotel late and got some food and finally just relaxed. We have finally arrived and are believing for God to do great things in us and through us this week.

As i write this we are part way through day 3 and each event is going great! We have talented teenagers in South Dakota! Tonight I hope to be able to update you on results tonight and try to include a couple of pics or videos! Thanks for praying for us! We're so happy to be here!

Tyler is a youth pastor at Sioux Falls First AG

Posted by Tyler Tufte

What Millennials Want in Leaders (Thom Rainer)

The Millennial generation is the generation that has grabbed my heart. I know that my preference is largely related to having and loving three Millennial sons and their friends. But I know that my favoritism also stems from the attitude of hope that this generation brings.

As I have shared in other writings, my son, Jess Rainer, and I just concluded writing a book about this generation with the basic title,
The Millennials. The book will be released in January 2011. Our work was based on a massive research project led by LifeWay Research, where that team asked 1,200 older Millennials dozens of questions in multiple categories. The responses were fascinating.

Who Are the Millennials?

As a reminder, the Millennials are America’s largest generation, over 78 million in number. They are slightly larger in number than the well-documented Baby Boomer generation.

The Millennials were born between 1980 and 2000, though our research included only the older portion of this generation, those born between 1980 and 1991. The study included demographic sampling that well represents the generation in total.

The Leadership Factor

Though we asked relatively few questions about leadership in our study, the intensity of their responses provided clear indication that this subject was one of great interest to many in this generation. At the conclusion of our study, we found four major leadership foci among the Millennials. We dubbed them simply “What Millennials Want in Leaders.”

1. Mentoring. This generation has great respect for those older than they are. Most of them have good relationships with their parents. They have learned from older people all their lives, and they don’t want to stop now. They want to be led and taught in their places of work, in their churches, and in their families. They particularly want to learn from couples who have had long and successful marriages. Many Millennials see such examples as heroes to emulate.

2. Gentle spirit. This category is easier to describe by what Millennials do not want in leaders. Divisive, loud, and acrimonious persons turn them off. They loathe politicians and political pundits who scream at each other. They are leaving churches to some extent because they see many Christian leaders as negative and prone to divisiveness. They are repulsed by business leaders with harsh and autocratic spirits.

3. Transparency and authenticity. I wish Jess and I had counted the number of times that Millennials used the word “real” to describe leaders they want to follow. As one Millennial told us, her generation “can smell phony and pretentiousness a mile away.” They don’t want phony; they want authentic. They don’t want pretentious; they want transparent.

4. Integrity. The Millennials are weary of politicians who don’t keep promises. They are tired of Christian leaders who fail basic moral standards. They are fed up with business leaders who are more concerned about personal gain than serving others. They want leaders with integrity.

Looking for a Few Good Leaders

The Millennial generation has much to offer. As a whole, they desire to serve others. Most of them are very family oriented. And they really want to listen and learn from others. Indeed they are looking for a few good leaders to follow. When they find them, they will follow with commitment and enthusiasm.

Our study of this generation was one of the most encouraging research projects in which I have been involved. I found great hope in the Millennials. I see great promise in many of them. And I found among them a hunger to learn from leaders they respect.

May we who have come before them be that type of leader.

The largest generation in America is watching us closely.

From the Blog of Thom Rainer

Girls Ministries Updates

I have posted some updates for the girls ministry events coming up in the next few weeks and months.  As these ministry events receive further developments they will be posted at

Summer Ministry Ideas

Guest Blogger: Bethany Nelson

As you program think about some out-of-the-box ideas for the summer. Take advantage of your student’s free time that they do not usually have during the school year.

Do something spiritually challenging that will give your students some practical experience like a morning prayer time and spiritual disciplines teaching. For your students in middle school take some time weekly to teach them core beliefs and values that will stay with them the rest of their lives.

This summer you can also do some creative things to help your kids have fun together. With no school to worry about, you have the privilege to keep your students later on a Wednesday or Sunday night and doing some activities like having a pool party or getting some ice cream.

Here are some late night activities that Sioux Falls First is doing this summer:
Outdoor movie
Grill Out
Wings eating contest

Have some fun serving your students this summer!

Beth is an intern with the SDAG and Sioux Falls First Assembly for the summer.

STL Encouragement

I found this message from the National Speed the Light Director, Chet Caudill to be very encouraging.  I'm passing it on to you with his permission.

Last week in Southern California I met a young lady named Cheyenne. A couple of years ago she had set a STL goal of $4,000. I'm sure a lot of people doubted this amount was possible (or even that it was from God), but apparently, Cheyenne believed. She told me that throughout the year she ate Pop-tarts everyday for lunch (not exactly healthy, I know, but she was doing her part), charged her mom $.50 each time she drank a Dr. Pepper (she was trying to quit), babysat, participated in a fundraiser called "Dirty Jobs", and much more. When the end of the year had arrived, God had doubled her goal and she was able to raise, and give personally, $8,000!
A few weeks prior I met a couple of boys while on STL Tour in New Jersey that had given $1,000 each last year. I asked them how they raised the money and both of them said, "I have a job." I was probably looking for a really unique story, but they simply gave.
This week I am in Hawaii (glory), again challenging students to join God's cause that every person on the planet hear His plan of salvation. For some of these students this is the first time they have heard about STL, and they are stoked. Already this year, Hawaii had one church with three students raise $9,200 in nine weeks! In just five months, district giving for 2010 has already equaled last year's giving total. God is moving.
It never ceases to amaze me what young people can and will do when they are challenged and encouraged. And frankly, each time I hear a new story about their sacrifice and generosity, I am brought to tears. As a DYD you could tell countless stories of students in your district who "get it". They don't get a program, they "get God's heart". They care about the lost. When they "get it", it changes them. Thank you for working tirelessly to inspire this generation to "get it".
Massive blessings,

Camp Notes

Our first camp begins on Thursday with Adventure camp.  We look forward to each week as a new set of campers arrive.

On the topic of arrivals, there are a few things to remember.

1.  All campers will be processed when their group leader is present.  This process is much easier when they all arrive at the same time.  Please coordinate travel/arrival times with your local church.

2.  Registration begins at 2:00 PM for all camps except Middle School Camp which is 1:00 PM.

3.  There is logging going on near the campground right now.  We know you will be cautious as you drive the road to the campground - please be extra alert for logging trucks.

We look forward to having all of our campers with us this summer!  Can't wait to see you all.

National Fine Arts Info

All registration forms (regardless of registrant type) submitted by mail or fax must be postmarked/faxed no later than May 27.

Online registration for AIM, Fine Arts or Kappa Tau participants will close on June 11 at 11:59 PM (CDT). No AIM, Fine Arts or Kappa Tau registrations will be accepted after online registration is closed to these registration types.

Online registration for General Attendees and National Youth Convention Participants will close on July 30 at 11:59 PM (CDT). Walk on registration will be available for both General Attendees and National Youth Convention Participants.

Reserve your hotel and register for Detroit at You can also e-mail us at or call 417.862.2781 ext 4458, with any questions.

NEW: Merge Camp

This year we are offering a new camp titled Merge Camp.

This is a camp combines middle school and high school students together for fun packed week of camp.

Merge camp will have a special feel to it, one that cannot be found at any other camp offered. We will be offering special activates and events this year such as a trip to Gulches of Fun in Deadwood, SD, a unique wrap up service on Thursday night, and Red Bull morning activities.

Yet with all these great special features, we will keep the same feel of great services and worship all week long. Merge camp will be taking place on June 7th through the 11th.  It's not too late to register.

submitted by Beth Nelson

Reaching Girls

Did you know the National Girls Ministries offers some valuable resources for reaching teen, tween, and elementary-age girls?

Check out the following resources:

Teen Girl Retreat: Planning Guide
Talking to your Kids About Sex
The Role of Daddy to Daughter
and more

The staff at NGM also recommends the following resources:
5 Conversations to Have with Your Daughter (by Vicki Courtney)
Raising a Modern Day Princess (Focus on the Family)
Bringing Up Girls (by James Dobson)

TBC President's Scholarship

The President’s Scholarship is the most sought after and prestigious of all the scholarships granted each year at Trinity. It presents a full tuition grant and is offered for four years. Only one student is selected per year. The qualifying standards are high based on an essay, ACT or SAT scores, references and interview.

Eleven hopeful finalists came to our campus this spring filled with anticipation. All of them presented great resumes of excellence in life style, scholastic achievements and Christian testimonies in their churches and schools. The selection process is a difficult one, but after much deliberation, evaluation and prayer, a selection was finally made.

David Nelson of Buffalo, South Dakota, has been selected to receive the 2009/2010 President’s Scholarship from Trinity Bible College. We congratulate him on his choice of college and the honor given to him as the recipient of the President’s Scholarship award.

Congratulations David!  We are proud of you.

Congrats Megan Waldner

We would like to offer our congratulations to Megan Waldner of Huron, SD.  She is the recipient of a $2,000 national J. Robert Ashcroft Scholarship for her upcoming college education.

We are very proud of all of our graduating seniors, but wanted to take a moment to draw special attention to this award.

May God bless you, Megan, in all of your future endeavors!

Your Gift + My Sweat = ???

I never liked math.  Then again, I never like running either.  That was until I started running for a purpose.  I have found that just running isn't one of the most fun things I can do.  But running with a goal in mind has ignited in me something that didn't exist before.

It has driven me to invest hours of time and miles of energy to become better, stronger, and faster.

That's kind of like giving.  Just giving $10 for no reason doesn't make sense.  But giving $10 knowing that it's making a difference is completely different.

YourFaceOnMyRace is simply an idea that set a goal for me: 13.1 miles and $10,000.

However, I cannot do it without the help of 1,000 generous people - just like you.

It's one thing to complete 13.1 miles in the Brookings Half Marathon, it's another to know that every mile I complete could be worth over $760 for missions!  Now that's motivation!

Will you take a couple moments of your time and a few dollars from your account and help motivate my run?

Find out more and give online:

You Gift of $10 + My Sweat from Running = An Equipped Missionary.  I guess math isn't so bad when it's math with a purpose. :)

Did You Know?

Youth Alive has enough resources on to provide structure and content for campus club lessons to lead a group all the way through middle school AND high school?

How are you tapping in to that resource?

Shaved Heads Twist

Over the past 12 months I can think of 6 leaders in South Dakota that shaved their heads for Speed the Light.  This is a fun way to raise some funds for missions.  But what happens if you don't hit your goal?  Usually nothing.  Do the students have a stake in this at all.  Not really.

Next time your group (or another leader) set up the challenge to shave your head, why not tell them that's fine, but if your students don't reach their personal goal, then they have to shave their head.

Now thats some motivation...

-Writer assumes no responsibility of angry parents calling after you shave the head of their daughter just before senior photos. Implement with caution and parental permission.    :)

Summer Camp Best Price +Bonus

Today is the last day for the best prices for summer camp registration.  Please be sure to complete your registrations today to save $15.00 per child!

There are two options for registration:

1: Download paperwork and turn it in to your church during office hours.
2: Register online by midnight tonight.

Families that register online and pay at least the minimum due through PayPal can select the FREE summer camp DVD option during registration (details).

If you miss today's deadline you still have plenty of time to register at the regular rate.  The final cutoff to avoid late fees for 2010 is May 15th.

Don't forget to check out the AutoPay feature for camps in 2011.

Bible Quiz - District Finals

Here's the results of our TBQ and JBQ district finals Tournament:

JBQ - C League
First Place - Brookings Wesleyan
Second Place - Watertown Family Worship Center

JBQ - B League
First Place - Brookings Wesleyan
Second Place - Brookings Wesleyan

JBQ - A League
First Place - Brookings Wesleyan
Second Place - Watertown Christian Life AG

TBQ - A League
First Place - Rapid City Bethel AG

TBQ - Novice
First Place - Sioux Falls First EFree

Rapid Fire Quiz
First Place - Rapid City Bethel AG
Second Place -

Are you connecting?

Does it ever seem like your ministry is in a rut; connecting with the same students week after week? Are you looking to expand the reach and influence of your youth ministry? Check out this excellent bit of practical ministry training from Jonathan McKee (

This illustrated talk breaks down the six types of youth you might encounter and gives practical ideas for connecting with, growing and involving each.

Grand Club Honors

Today we honor churches that gave over $1,000 towards BGMC or STL in 2009.  Giving a record total of $157,338.45 (combined) 23 churches made it into "The Club"

To commemorate the hard work done by the leadership in children's and youth ministries across SD, we have compiled two downloadable resources.

1.  The South Dakota Overflow Story
2.  STL:1-2-3 Offering Sermon Archive
3.  The SD Missions Footprint Presentation

Please celebrate with us the hard work done by our leaders, youth, and children.  But let's not stop with remembering the past... let's press on for the future doing more than ever before.

The 52.3 - On the Field

Here's a report of how TheFiftyTwo (volume 3) is making a difference at Huron, First AG.
"Many of our youth are un-churched. We have been able to use to teach at our Sunday night 5 ALIVE group. The sermons are little too long, so we take info from those, use the same Bible verse, and make it our own. The Group discussions are great, and we pick and choose which questions we ask. Usually we use the Bible story and have some of this teens act it out just to keep their attention make it a little more real for them. It is a great tool, and has helped our teens really understand the Bible more."
Submitted by Patience Linton (Huron, First AG)
How are you using this resource?

Haven't accessed your account yet?  Contact our office to schedule an over-the-phone training session.

Kids Quake Is Coming @KidsQuakeSF

Join us this Friday at First Assembly of God, Sioux Falls for the first ever KidsQuake concert event.  Featuring Jasmine and Mission Six this event will benefit drug prevention programs in Asia, the victims of the Hatian earthquake, and help provide drinkable water in parts of Africa.

Tickets are only $10 and are available online and at two locations in Sioux Falls.  Full details on the event can be found here.

Hope to see you at KidsQuake!

KidsQuake is sponsored by Bion, Poet, and Gunn Productions - Thanks for making this positive event possible!

Kids Quake Promo from Mark on Vimeo.

Funding Short Term Missions

One of the biggest reasons people don’t respond to short-term missions opportunities is because they don’t think they will be able to raise the funds needed to pay for a trip.

I mean, let’s face it, when was the last time we went from $0 to $3k in six months. But is it possible? 


With God ALL things are Possible.

To help you accomplish this task of raising support, please consider adopting the following plan.
It works! In 13 years of youth ministry I’ve never seen this plan fail.

Remember, you are doing something that is close to God's heart. That means you are working on this as a team - you and God. That’s a pretty good start.

Develop a good plan for raising the support. This must be more than a group meeting with your youth pastor to schedule fundraisers - it should be about what you and your family are able and willing to do to make this dream become a reality.

The following elements should be included in this plan - in this order.

  • Work - get a job, mow, rake, shovel, babysit, clean, serve fries, find a service or product that meets needs and do what you can to make money.
  • Save - Give to God, support missions, take care of your essential needs, then save the rest. You’ll be surprised what you can keep hold of when you have a goal and focus on it.
  • Support - Write a support letter to family and friends. Let them know what your plan is for summer 2010 and give them an opportunity to pray and give to your endeavor. I recommend sending out between 75-150 letters for your trip.
  • Fundraiser - Most groups place this as the first priority, however it should be moved down the list to demonstrate the personal responsibility of the individual not the youth pastor/group. I recommend scheduling one or two fundraisers. Ones that bring in a large amount of money per individual with the minimal amount of work are usually the best. They are out there, hunt for them. Try to do only one fundraiser for the church, schedule any additional ones to bring in funds from the community.
  • Offering - Meet with your pastor early in the year to schedule an offering to take place about 4-8 weeks prior to the final payment due date. Be sure to lay out your personal plan so they know this offering is designed to help finish off any amount you are lacking not fund the entire trip/team.

Is Your Youth Ministry Healthy?

Ever wonder what kind of scorecard to give the health of your youth ministry?

People rate you on a variety of different criteria: were you funny, was the church van cleaned and gassed up, did you make budget, are the numbers growing, etc.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could find a better way to evaluate the health of your youth ministry?

There is.

Check out (volume III) under the Leadership section for a variety of evaluation resources.

Oh, and if you're an AG church leader who has not received access yet - contact your District Youth Director for a list of your FREE access codes!

I Am Second: Youth Resource

The following post was reprinted from Patience Linton regarding a Bible Study they are doing with their youth ministry.

"We are doing a great study that we got from

When you go to this website, you can view about 20 videos of different people (some famous and some not) who have chosen to put Jesus Christ first in their lives. To be second means that you are placing Jesus in His place of authority over your life. You are saying, “I know longer want to be in control of my life, so I am laying down myself and putting Christ first.”

You can get all of the different packets for download free. I then made three ring binders for each of my students and leaders. We are in our 3rd week of this class, and so far, each student has written down 50 people who are of utmost importance to them. In the second class, they had to write their cardboard testimony as to what their life was like before Christ and what their life was like after Christ (mine was “lonely” before Christ, and then “peace” after Christ). Their homework was to share their cardboard testimony with 3 friends. 2 of their friends must be people that they do not believe are saved, and the other one must be someone who they know is saved. I was able to share with my brother, Jason’s music partner, and a friend from church! This week, they will have an opportunity to practice with each other how to share their faith boldly.

We have about 15 youth coming each Wednesday night, and they’re doing it. They’re excited about it. Last Friday night, two of our newest members were talking to me about their cardboard testimony, and they sparked the interest of some other teens, so I may have to make some more binders soon!

This whole program is teaching us how to keep a tight relationship with Christ, and how to share with others about it. One of the packets is a prayer journal. This is a 4 week prayer journal that teaches the importance of prayer, and it goes through the steps of “Praise, Repent, Ask and Yield.” This is part of each students homework.

This program has even helped my relationship with the Lord. I am working it as much as the youth are. And it has helped me in my daily devotional time. God is dealing with me about some stuff that I am surrendering to him. I highly recommend this program to anyone and everyone. Whether they are new in their faith, or are strong in their faith. There’s something here for everyone."

Submitted by Patience Linton
Student Ministries Pastor, Huron SD

Surviving Middle School

Surviving Middle School is a Hit With Kids!

Surviving Middle School: The Book and Soundtrack is a plethora of tips, tunes, advice and wisdom that will guide the middle schooler through these important years of his or her life. Version 2.0 is loaded with NEW features:

9 New Songs from the top names in Christian music: Relient K, Family Force 5, Lecrae, FM Static and more

New Book Sections on cellphone issues, texting, sexting and much more

College Days

In the "North Country" we have two great schools for AG Higher Education.  North Central University and Trinity Bible College help train leaders for every aspect of Christian living.  Both schools offer College Days for a campus visit.

These are great ways for your students to see the campus, be in the classroom, and be a part of what God is doing on these campuses.

Please contact your local youth ministry or make your own plans to attend their College Days

North Central University - March 25-26 (Minneapolis, MN)
Trinity Bible College - April 8-10 (Ellendale, ND)

Click the school name above for more details and learn how to attend their campus days.

The First...

Maybe your church has never done Speed the Light before (or it's been a number of years) and you don't know where to start.  I hope this message I received from Diana Kjerstad in Mitchell will inspire you to dream big.  Don't let your history of "nothing" hinder you from doing something exceptional.

I just wanted to share a praise report with you! Our youth (which is now called "Empowered Youth Ministries") had their first STL fundraiser yesterday at church. We (meaning myself and 3 teens) cooked a spaghetti dinner with all the trimmings for the church right before they had their Annual Business meeting. We had a suggested $10 per adult donation, and we had been advertising it for the last 3 weeks. We served about 40 people! When I added up the money in the basket it was $751.00!!!!!!! I almost cried! I was expecting maybe $250 or $300. Our STL goal is $1000.00. It's only February! My 3 teens and myself have pledged in faith promises of $750.00 and our next fundraiser which will be sometime in April will profit $750.00!!! So we are going to be setting a new goal for sure!! The teens were so excited!! It really got them going and I am just so pleased with the people in our congregation that stepped up and supported our youth!
Please share this with who ever you would like!!!
Praise the Lord!
Diana Kjerstad
Empowered Youth Ministry

Do you have a story about STL or BGMC?  Please send it to me so I can use it to help inspire others with their giving!

Dream big + give big = meeting big needs!

Fight the Stereotype

Pay attention, class is in session. The guys over at Simply Youth Ministry have done it again with a great "instructional" music video just for youth workers.

Five simple rules for youth ministry. A little bit of funny and a whole lot of truth.

Here's another one they did a year ago.

Not Another One Of Those "Christian" Movies

I saw this helpful review of "To Save A Life" on Tyler Tufte's blog. Reposted with permission.

Not Another One Of Those "Christian" Movies...

That was exactly my first thought after be barraged with emails and ads for "To Save A Life", a forthcoming Christian movie. Many Christian movies of the past have been lacking - in story line, in acting, in reality. I thought for sure this one would follow the steps of those before it.


I've now seen the movie twice and have brought a group of teenagers to it as well. Wow! What a powerful movie. The Christian message is clear and yet the movie is relatable to a God-less culture. They didn't shy away from mild swearing, underage drinking, and premarital sex simple because it's a Christian movie. Instead they used those things (cautiously) to connect with this culture. This is what movies of the past have neglected and it's cost them. "To Save A Life" deals with many real-world issues, from popularity to abortion. Whether you're a parent or a youth leader, this movie is a great platform for discussing many of these issues with teens. Check out a thorough review from Pluggedin.

Check out the quick stats from opening weekend on this movie:
-#1 Fan Ranking at
-Top 15 National Ranking for Box Office totals
-215,000 people saw it
-$1.5 million grossed

The movie has been out for 2 weekends now and has grossed over $2.5 million! And more theaters are opening the movie this weekend, notably Milbank & Rapid City, SD. And apparently in Aberdeen there is a push to get it in so call your movie theater manager and tell them you want to see it!

If you haven't seen the movie yet, take your teens this weekend!

A Bald Dave! YES WE CAN!!!

What a banner year for STL! It's exciting to know that we have completed the following projects with funds raised in 2009:

Boat Motor for Kiribati Islands
Boat Hull Replacement for Kiribati Islands
1000 MP3 Players for China
Vehicle for Uruguay
Video Projector for Tim Harris
Sound System for Guatemala

After completing these projects, we still have funds left over to apply to our next most urgent need - the vehicle for Rich and Deb Reid. However, these remaining funds do not complete the entire project for the Reids. We need an additional $30k to complete this project.

That's where the Winter Escape STL Offering comes in.

I would like to do everything we can the next two weeks to raise and bring $15,000 for Speed the Light. On Saturday afternoon Chet Caudill, the national STL director, will present a challenge followed with an offering and goal response. If we Reach $10k in one offering Pastor David Bauchspiess agreed to shave his head!

Here's another cool part.

Nebraska AG has agreed to match whatever we bring in that day to help us reach the $30k we need to complete this project NOW! That's a huge blessing for us and for the Reids who are making payments (plus interest) on their vehicle.

Here are the practical steps:

1. Present this challenge to your students the next few weeks.
2. Bring a check with you in the amount of the funds raised already in 2010
3. Sharpen your razors!

I believe we can receive a $15k offering. I believe we can eliminate this project NOW! I believe David Bauchspiess will look amazing as a bald guy!

Convoy of Hope and STL

A quote from Hal Donaldson.  Founder and President of Convoy of Hope:

"The partnership between Convoy of Hope and Speed the Light has resulted in 30 million people receiving help and learning that Jesus loves them. The transportation provided by Speed the Light has enabled Convoy of Hope to provide lasting hope. Haiti is no different. Trucks are desperately needed to get the food and supplies where it is needed most. If we can get more trucks, many more people will receive help and find hope."

Read more about how Convoy of Hope is helping in Haiti (story on  Each semi truck Convoy uses has been purchased with STL funds raised by students across America.

Keep up the great work!

NCU America's Best

Minneapolis, MN - North Central University has again been recognized among America's Best Colleges and Universities by the U.S. News and World Report. North Central's selection as a 'Best Baccalaureate College' in the Midwest marks the second consecutive year the school has received this prestigious recognition. While simply being named to such a significant list is an honor in itself, we are further honored to report that after being named for the first time in 2009, North Central has moved up a full tier in the Report's rankings for 2010.

The indicators used to measure academic quality according the U.S. News and Report fall into seven broad areas: peer assessment; retention and graduation of students; faculty resources; student selectivity; financial resources; alumni giving; and (for national universities and liberal arts colleges) "graduation rate performance," the difference between the proportion of students expected to graduate and the proportion who do. The indicators include both "input measures," which reflect the quality of students, faculty, and other resources used in education, and "outcome measures," which signal how well the institution educates its student body.

For more information visit the U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges 2010 page, and NCU's profile on the website.

Considering a post High School education? Check out NCU.

Jeff Deyo Joins NCU

North Central University has some exciting recent news! Our newest faculty member was just named as none other than Jeff Deyo! This obviously comes as quite an excitement to our Worship Arts department as well as our entire NCU community as Jeff has a long history of worship leading. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the specifics, you may recognize him as the former lead singer of Sonic Flood. Just think of the songs, "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever" and "I Want To Know You" and his voice will pop into your head.

At any rate, his addition to North Central faculty opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for our students. Jeff's mission is to "stir up a new generation of true worshipers, singers, and musicians; the ones Jesus says the Father is looking for in John 4:23." He has a heart for God and wants to share that with others through the expression of music and teaching others to do the same. On Jeff's website, he expresses his true desire to guide young worshippers: "I long to pour into your soul and help you grow personally, spiritually and practically in your areas of expertise as well as in your walk with God, so you can be explosive and powerful in all that he has called you to be and do for his Kingdom."

It's truly a blessing to have such a wonderful man of God on staff. I hope that many of you can learn under his guidance whether it is through his worship classes or in chapel as he pours out his heart for God.

To learn more about Jeff Deyo, check out the NCU website at:

Winter Escape: Fine Arts

Registration Deadline is approaching soon...

Check out the details here.

Please be reminded that the following Fine Arts Divisions have special delivery restrictions. Entries delivered later or on the day of Fine Arts can be displayed but will not be judged:

Art: all art (photography, visual art, ect) must be delivered to the Fine Arts coordinator during group check in. These items to NOT need to be mailed in advance as earlier announced, however they must be available as soon as you arrive for judging.

Writing: email the entry to within 5 days of registration dealine in accordance with the NFAF Delivery Instruction (page 35 of the national rulebook)

Communication-Short Film: mailed with accompanying district registration paperwork in accordance with all other NFAF delivery instructions (page 21 of the national rulebook)

Hope for Haiti

Support Convoy of Hope in Haiti + Get a sweet shirt to inspire others to do the same = A great opportunity!

Youth Pastor Waylon Sears in Arizona came up with an idea to raise money for Convoy of Hope by selling shirts.  Promote this site to your friends and students to help one of the most organized and effective relief efforts located in Haiti.


College Scholarships

The choice of where to get a college education is one of the most important decisions a teenager can make. Many times this will affect the amount of debt they begin their adult life with, whom they will marry, and how they will spend the bulk of their adult years.

We hope you will consider receiving your education at one of the Accredited Assemblies of God colleges or universities. The sd|yce is proud to make available $2,000 in scholarships each year!


College Scholarships

The window is now open for the 2010 Riggs Scholarship applications! And perhaps there is a young person you know of that is eligible for this scholarship! We need your help in getting the word out about the availability of the applications!

Would you consider helping us spread the word about the Riggs Scholarship opportunities to students, parents, and pastors? The deadline for the applications is February 15, 2010 so any help you can give us in the next few weeks would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the important info:

  • Applications can only be accessed on the AGTrust website at:
  • AG students who are H.S. seniors and have demonstrated leadership potential through past AND present involvement in an AG church are eligible.
  • To receive the scholarship, the applicant must enroll as a full time student at an AG endorsed institution of higher learning.
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.7 (unweighted 4.0 scale) OR an ACT score of 28/36 OR an SAT score of 1870/2400 to be considered.
  • Other criteria for consideration may be found on the info sheet of the application.
  • Applications must be sent to: AGTrust, 1445 N. Boonville Avenue, Springfield, MO 65802 no later than February 15, 2010 to be eligible.


So, you're a youth leader in South Dakota, but you are unable to make it to the full MOMENTUM retreat.  We're bummed to say the least.  But we're not giving up that easy.

For the first time ever, we are offering a MOMENTUM One-Day option.

MOMENTUM One-Day will feature a session with our guest Mark Zweifel as well as a workshop geared toward practical youth ministry development.  David Bauchspeiss (Aberdeen) will be sharing useful insights on how to use the youth ministry resource volume three.  52.3 is a new resource that has been developed to help you manage your youth ministry without allowing it to managing you.  It comes complete with sermon outlines, small group guides, powerpoints, and a host of ideas and resources to help you achieve quality ministry to your students.

As a bonus, every attendee to the workshop will receive a FREE activation code valued at $180.00 (provided they do not already have one).  This session is valuable for youth leaders of every size church.

Here's why:

1.  Volunteers:  You are balancing home, work, and youth ministry.  Isn't it about time something came along that helped you do youth ministry better, faster, and easier - at least parts of it?  That's what 52.3 is all about.

2.  Paid Staff:  Even full time youth ministers rarely are able to focus their energies solely on youth ministry.  With meetings, phone calls, and other support roles you play, true youth ministry can often get pushed to the side.  52.3 is the one resource that will help keep youth ministry in focus even in the midst of all the other hats you wear.

If you cannot make it to the full MOMENTUM retreat weekend.  Please make it a point to participate in MOMENTUM One-Day.

Standard: Saturday Only: $25 (includes general session and 52.3 workshop)
Deluxe: Friday Night & Saturday: $50 (includes two general sessions, 52.3 workshop, and supper) - lodging not included (see the MOMENTUM page for more info).

Please use the standard registration form and note the One-Day Changes by hand.  All rates listed above are per person.

STL Contribution Deadline

Tonight is the last chance to receive an offering for STL.  Make sure you utilize the STL digisource for great inspiring message to challenge your students in setting their next 3-month goal as a part of your STL 1:2:3 strategy!

To receive 2009 giving credit, all offerings must be shipped via an overnight carrier (ie FedEx) and postmarked by midnight December 31.

STL Rocks!!!

Topic: Meet Missionaries
Title: Speed the Light Rocks
Text: Hebrews 13:20-21
Theme: Speed The Light gets the missionary fully equipped on the field much faster

Read the Text: May the God of peace, who through the blood of the eternal covenant brought back from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, 21 equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen

Illustrate: How many like to go to the dentist? How many when you are at the dentist and they need to fix something love the Novocain? Can you imagine sitting in the chair with that bib on, light shining over you, four latex gloves about to descend on your mouth and you hear the sound of the drill and feel the suction on your tongue? Now imagine they are getting ready to drill your tooth but they haven’t deadened the area.

When you ask about it - they say, oh, we just didn’t have time to reorder any Novocain. We were too busy paying bills and rewinding our dental floss. Sorry about that.

Students giving to STL ensure that our missionaries are on the field fully equipped and in the quickest amount of time possible.

Challenge/Connection: My STL testimony is nothing new for those of us who work in large urban agglomerations. I live in Bangkok and have a 2003 Camry from STL. My regular ministry use of the car consists of loading it down with our equipment when we go into the slums on Saturday to run children's programs. Our vehicle is indispensable since there is just too much stuff to carry by hand into the nearby slums. On Sundays we also drive to visit our smaller churches and encourage them. We use the car to travel to meetings up country, visit pastors, etc.

STL rocks, but sometimes it is hard for some of us urban jungle workers to let students know just how important their giving is to the ministry that we are doing. STL totally speeds up the process of reaching people with the gospel by keeping missionaries out in the harvest field instead of having to spend even more time raising funds for their vehicles. That is a very powerful contribution and one for which I and my colleagues are extremely grateful.

Thank you so much for your labors for the missionary family.

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering - OPTION: Challenge the kids to give an amount that they would be willing to pay the dentist to use Novocain before fixing a cavity.


2010 Notes: If you are a youth leader in South Dakota you are invited to be a part of MOMENTUM, our annual youth leaders retreat held in January. Join other youth pastors and spouses for three days designed to help you relax, refresh, and renew.

Location: Comfort Inn (Mitchell, South Dakota)
Register by January 4
Download Information Sheet
Begins: January-14, 2010
Ends: January-16, 2010
Registration Deadline: January 4, 2010 - Bring your payment with you when you arrive
Cost: $95 Single/$145 Couple (plus lodging) - Includes all meals and sessions (if you are unable to attend because of financial limitations only, please let me know)
Kids: We will set up a "nursery" in our room nearby the meeting space for infants. We recommend toddlers and older stay with a friend or family member during the weekend. If childcare is requested we can assist you in contacting someone.

Need More Info?

STL: Pick Up Your Socks!

Topic: Maximize Opportunity
Title: Pick Up Your Socks!
Text: Exodus 36:3-5
Theme: People continued to bring free-will offerings

Read the Text: They received from Moses all the offerings the Israelites had brought to carry out the work of constructing the sanctuary. And the people continued to bring freewill offerings morning after morning.

Illustrate: Prior to the arrival of your students get some laundry or items from the lost and found and lay it around the room. Make it difficult for the students to be in the room without having to come in contact with the items and move them out of the way. The laundry should be placed on chairs, on the stage, and other places where the students like to spend time.

In the offering sermon talk about how as a child you struggled with keeping your room clean all of the time, how a parent would REMIND you to pick up your socks, hang up your towel, and put your shoes away.

Draw the comparison to the laundry you left around the room - it just got in the way. My laziness with laundry meant I needed to be REMINDED to pick it up.

Challenge/Connection: In the verses we read, Moses instructed the people to bring an offering, which they did. But they were so moved by the work and the cause that they CONTINUED to give “freewill offerings morning after morning.”

Speed the Light should be the same way. We receive a weekly offering, but how often do you REMEMBER the other days of the week to save, budget, pray, and give?

Just like your mom would appreciate if you cleaned your room with the reminder, so to the missionaries appreciate it when we give on a regular basis.

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

Summer Missions Opportunities

Every teenager should have an overseas missions experience before they graduate from High School.

We provide opportunities each summer for our teenagers to experience missions. Why are these trips so important? In addition to being a part of fulfilling the great commission, the will also grow in their faith, become more grateful and humble, and see God work in ways they may have never seen before.

Check out the options you have to minister along side teens from South Dakota in the following locations:

South Africa
El Salvador
Central America
SD Indian Reservations
Alaska (possibility)

Find more information and requirements.

Overflow Experience: Webcast

Winter Escape: Fine Arts

Join us President’s Day weekend in February for the Winter Escape Youth Convention and Fine Arts Festival. Students from across the state can bring their talents and participate in preaching, drama, music, writing, and more during the Fine Arts portion of the weekend. Participants will also be apart of two sessions featuring a special speaker and worship band. You won’t want to miss it.

2010 Details:
Dates: February 12-13, 2010
Location: Sioux Falls, First AG
Cost: Convention Registration: $25
Deadline: Add $10/person after January 22nd, 2010
Guest Speaker: Chet Caudill
Worship: The Current

More Information

STL: Can You Out-Give God?

Topic: Manage Resources
Title: Can You Out-Give God?
Text: Matthew 7:11
Theme: Giving

Read the Text: If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

Illustrate: Think about a time you were so excited to give a gift. You may have been giddy with excitement about being able to really surprise someone, or get the gift they never thought was possible.

Remember how you were almost more excited to give it than they were to receive it? You knew what was inside the wrapping. And you knew they would be thrilled to receive it.

God is the same way with us - when we give we open our hands to receive what He has in store to give us. He knows what it is and is ready to give it. We don’t know, but we have to trust that the unknown is amazing!

Challenge/Connection: God likes to give gifts and he especially likes to give gifts to those who give gifts. We can’t out give God. He is the best present giver. When we give, whether it is out of our abundance or our need, we can rest assured that God will see the gift that have been given and will gift us. God’s gifts to us may be given here on earth or they may be stored in heaven waiting for us there
Receive Offering: Tonight as you prepare your STL offering, remember that God has something amazing in store for you as well.

Guest Contributor: Kim Pfitzer

STL: Receive Regular Feedback

Topic: Make Money
Title: Receive Regular Feedback
Text: 2 Thessalonians 3:7-10
Theme: Get a Raise Pt 1

Read the Text: 7 For you yourselves know how you ought to follow our example. We were not idle when we were with you, 8 nor did we eat anyone’s food without paying for it. On the contrary, we worked night and day, laboring and toiling so that we would not be a burden to any of you. 9 We did this, not because we do not have the right to such help, but in order to make ourselves a model for you to follow. 10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”

Illustrate: In most activities someone will coach you before the “big day.” A football coach will help you know how to block a tackle before you step on the field. A band director will help you know how to play an A# before the concert. And a teacher will help you understand quadratic equations prior to a standardized test.

In the employment word these “coaching sessions” are often called “performance reviews” or “wage reviews.” These reviews usually come every six months or once a year. It’s during these reviews that you learn what you’ve done well and what you need to improve on.

Unfortunately, these are also the times that raises are given out. That means, if you wait until your official review to learn areas of improvement it’s to late. The way to maximize your reviews is to do two things:

Ask for informal reviews on a regular basis. You need to learn how you are doing in order to make adjustments before the official review begins

Don’t take them personally. These are designed to help you identify weaknesses that you can improve on. And you need to improve on if you will continue to add value to the company.

Challenge/Connection: If the only time you ask for or receive feedback on your job performance is during a wage review it might be too late. Make it a habit at least four times a year, but not more than once a month, to ask your supervisor for feedback.

Use questions along the lines of:
Next time we work together I would value a few thoughts of things I can improve on as it relates to customer service or performance.
I’ve notice that you [insert supervisor task] on a daily or weekly basis. Is that something I should be doing as well?

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

This Changes Everything

Need some ideas on teaching missions to your students?

In a world of consumerism - want to help your teens become generous and compassionate?

Then be sure to spend some time at the national STL website to review the amazing content provided for youth leaders.

Here's a snapshot of what you'll find.

Overflow Experience - including sermons, student stories, and a book resource

DigiSource - FREE and online resources featuring sermons, missions stories, photos, discipleship tools, getting started ideas and more.

NEW STL Videos

An Interactive STL Map

Fundraiser Ideas

and much much more!

Stop by and check it out!

STL in CyberEvangelism

Topic: Meet Missionaries
Title: STL in Cyber Evangelism
Text: Mark 12:41-42
Theme: STL in the digital revolution.

Read the Text: Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. 42 But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a fraction of a penny.

Illustrate: Ever been in line at a restaurant or grocery store and the person in front of you was just a few pennies short? Maybe they were buying milk or baby formula and you knew it was an essential for survival - not just the latest music release. You had the change in your pocket and helped them out?

Do you remember that feeling? How great it felt to offer just a little to make a big difference?
Challenge/Connection: That’s a similar feeling DYD Raymond Mizelle (Mississippi) had in 2008. He heard about a website ( - US version) that was launching for the purpose of evangelism.

Everything was in place - except the server to power the cyber evangelism tool. Raymond knew that a server powering an evangelism website was creative communication and pursued meeting that need through Speed the Light.

Mississippi students were able to purchase that server for $20,000 which reaches almost 11 million users every day and in early 2009 had recorded over 1 million commitments to Christ.
You never know what kind of difference the change in your pocket can make when you are willing to invest and give it away.

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering - imagine you are in line and the person in front of you just needs the change in your pocket or a couple dollars to complete their purchase. Are you willing to help?

STL Thank You

MOMENTUM Youth Leader Retreat

2010 Notes: If you are a youth leader in South Dakota you are invited to be a part of MOMENTUM, our annual youth leaders retreat held in January. Join other youth pastors and spouses for three days designed to help you relax, refresh, and renew.

Location: Comfort Inn (Mitchell, South Dakota)
Register by January 4
Download Information Sheet
Begins: January-14, 2010
Ends: January-16, 2010
Registration Deadline: January 4, 2010 - Bring your payment with you when you arrive
Cost: $95 Single/$145 Couple (plus lodging) - Includes all meals and sessions (if you are unable to attend because of financial limitations only, please let me know)
Kids: We will set up a "nursery" in our room nearby the meeting space for infants. We recommend toddlers and older stay with a friend or family member during the weekend. If childcare is requested we can assist you in contacting someone.

Need More Info?

STL: The $1Million Question

Topic: Maximize Opportunity
Title: The $1 Million Question
Text: 2 Corinthians 8:1-5
Theme: How can poverty lead to overflowing generosity

Read the Text: And now, brothers, we want you to know about the grace that God has given the Macedonian churches. 2 Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity. 3 For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability. Entirely on their own, 4 they urgently pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the saints. 5 And they did not do as we expected, but they gave themselves first to the Lord and then to us in keeping with God’s will.

Illustrate: Ask (either grab a couple volunteers or poll the audience): “What would you do if you won a million dollars?” Allow for response - “By show of hands, how many of you would give at least 10% to the church?”

“How many would give at least 20% to a ministry or good cause?” (repeat for higher percentages)
I think it would be great if everyone of us here could be the recipient of a million dollars so we could do something significant like that.

Challenge/Connection: You know when we put those questions into the perspective of our verse - we realize that most of us are already creating patterns of what we would do if we received a large sum of money like that. If we are already giving 30% of our income, there’s a good chance we would give at least 30% of a large sum.

If we have $100 and we only give $10 because we think we NEED the other $90, what makes us think that if we have $1,000,000 that we would give more than $100k?

Paul wrote about the Macedonian church that their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity... they gave as much as they were able and even beyond their ability.

I hope that someday you all get $10 million dollars. And I hope that you are in a place where you can give 20%, 30% or more to a worthy cause like Speed the Light. But giving like that doesn’t begin when you get a lot of money - it begins now.

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

STL: How Do You Measure?

Topic: Manage Resources
Title: How Do You Measure?
Text: Luke 6:38
Theme: Giving

Read the Text: “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (NIV)

Illustrate: Can you imaging measuring a piece of wood without a measuring tape? Before there was a standard way to measure, people would either use their feet or their hands to measure. Twelve inches could be measured by using either one bare foot, or two hands lined up end to end. This type of measurement was not very accurate and measurements varied from person to person. A person with a size 7 shoe would have a shorter piece of wood than a person with a size 14 shoe, even though technically they were the same measurement.

Challenge/Connection: God’s word promises that if we give to others God will give to us. The Bible also states that with the measure we use, it will be measured back to us. When we give, if we use a small measurement, then we will receive a small amount. This verse is not necessarily saying you need to give large monetary gifts to receive gifts from God. When we give, whether it is of our time, talent or money, we need to give freely and willingly, holding nothing back from God. God is the ultimate giver and he will meet our every need.

When you receive something from God, do you want a large gift or a small one?
How you want to receive things from God is how you need to give to others.
Receive Offering: As we receive our offering I now I want you to consider - “If I were the benefactor of this offering (a missionary), how would I want the students to measure?” Then give accordingly.

Guest Contributor: Kim Pfitzer

STL: Display Care

Topic: Make Money
Title: Display Care for the Company
Text: 2 Thessalonians 3:7-10
Theme: Get a Promotion Pt 4

Read the Text: 7 For you yourselves know how you ought to follow our example. We were not idle when we were with you, 8 nor did we eat anyone’s food without paying for it. On the contrary, we worked night and day, laboring and toiling so that we would not be a burden to any of you. 9 We did this, not because we do not have the right to such help, but in order to make ourselves a model for you to follow. 10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”

Illustrate: Employees that take longer than usual breaks, show up late, and leave early are not displaying concern for the well being of the company.

Additionally, employees who are more interested in goofing off, working at a slower than expected pace, or not completing jobs are not adding value to the place of business.

If these employees are often passed over for promotions it is likely because they are not seen as staff who genuinely care about what is a benefit for the company.

These are not guarantees that a promotion will be received, but if attention to care for the interests of the company is ignore promotion will be very unlikely.

Challenge/Connection: Employees are more likely to receive a job promotion if they display care for the company. This involves care for the customer, the customer experience, values of the company, and bottom line.

This can be displayed through standards used by the employee as well as communication about the company both on and off the clock.

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

STL Goes to Jail

Topic: Meet Missionaries
Title: STL Goes to Jail
Text: Matthew 25:36
Theme: STL enables missionaries to travel to prisons and share Jesus love.

Read the Text: I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.

Illustrate: Can you imagine being raised in Jail? Imagine your room has no carpet, your bathroom and sink are in the same space, and you are there not because you did anything wrong, but because they accused your mom of a crime.

In many parts of the world when a mother goes to prison, she takes her children with her. They are raised behind bars.

There are people in prison all over the world who have found Christ. People in prison who need to be ministered to. When we give to Speed the Light we are enabling missionaries to go into those prisons to minister to the inmates, and in many countries, their kids as well.

Challenge/Connection: Hello (Speed the Light),
We wanted to send the picture of our STL vehicle. We took it out to the countryside two Sundays ago, a ministry trip, taking 5 of our Mongolian leaders to one of the churches, to appoint a new pastor for this congregation. It was a great meeting and day for the church.

Chrissy is taking it out to the prison today, meeting with the director and two young ladies, who have come to know Christ in the last two years. Both sentenced to life for the arrangement of a murder.
God has done great things and we are so thankful to STL for making it possible for us to go!

Bob and Chrissy Goodwin (Mongolia)1

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering - tonight as you give think about how much it’s worth to you to show the love of Jesus to those in prison.

STL: Making God Happy

Topic: Maximize Opportunity
Title: Making God Happy
Text: Hebrews 13:16
Theme: Sacrificial sharing is pleasing to God - brings an emotion.

Read the Text: And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Illustrate: Tell a story about when you were a child and how you valued a new toy or very special stuffed animal. Then a friend or sibling mistreated that item and you grew upset. Remember also how you felt when a parent helped you put a band-aid on the stuffed animal, or tried to fix the broken toy.
Remember how you felt when your parent helped you care for what was important to you?

Challenge/Connection: Did you know that when we do good and care for others we are adding value to God’s creation. In fact, this verse tells us that these kind sacrifices are pleasing to God.

When you do good it pleases God - or - brings a smile to his face. How you treat other people, how you care for what is important to the heart of God brings an emotional response.

Tonight as you give in the offering, your sacrifice will be pleasing to God

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

STL: When Small Becomes Big

Topic: Manage Resources
Title: When Small Becomes Big
Text: John 6:8-13
Theme: Give

Read the Text: 8 Another of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, spoke up, 9 “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?”
10 Jesus said, “Have the people sit down.” There was plenty of grass in that place, and the men sat down, about five thousand of them. 11 Jesus then took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted. He did the same with the fish.
12 When they had all had enough to eat, he said to his disciples, “Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.” 13 So they gathered them and filled twelve baskets with the pieces of the five barley loaves left over by those who had eaten.

Illustrate: Find an O-ring. These are small rubber “gaskets” used to create a seal. If you cannot find one, a purchase can be made at a local hardware store for a small price.

Show the O-ring to the group. Show how tiny it is. It can break and for a few pennies you can replace it. Fairly insignificant. Hard to imagine a tiny O-ring doing something great.

But a tiny failed O-ring similar to this one was the cause of the total destruction of the Space Shuttle Challenger.

Just because you are young or you feel your offering is small - you need to remember that when you put it into the hands of Jesus He can make it do great things.

Challenge/Connection: It is important that before you get your paycheck or money for birthday’s and odd jobs that you plan where you money will go. You must tell your money what it will accomplish for you or you will end up wondering what your money accomplished for you. You must tell a portion of your money that it will be used in giving.

Sometimes we feel what we have to offer Jesus is insignificant. When the need is so great (5,000 people - or $35k STL vehicle) my offering is too small (5 loaves/2fish, $10 a week).

Maybe we feel that we are too young to start giving. But the fact of the matter is, we must start creating a habit of giving even as teenagers.

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

Mythbusters: Stop Telling Them They're Leaving

Ever hear that we are losing between 85-95% of the students from our churches? Most of us in youth and children's ministry have. However, new results are in from a statistical, longitudinal study that prove otherwise.

The new data is in...people will be shocked... we are keeping many more teenagers than we are losing. Intrigued?

If you would like to know more about this topic, you'll need to attend Calibrate 2009 and attend the Class by Jay Mooney entitled Mythbusters: Stop Telling Them They're Leaving!

To Save a Life: Movie Resource

Teens love movies. Help them be missional. Imagine your kids bringing their friends for a 7-week series based on a movie they want to see.

You work with teens. You hang with teens. You listen to teens. You know they're hurting. And you devote your life to helping them find the ultimate healing.

The writer of To Save A Life knows what it's like. Jim Britts is a seasoned youth worker with a film degree from BIOLA University, and To Save A Life is a project inspired by a passion to reach teenagers with life-affirming entertainment—the kind of movie youth workers, parents and student leaders can get behind. Teens too! Imagine them bringing friends to see the film... then bringing them back to a seven-week study at your church or school, growing in their faith and learning to reach out to others and asking the question: What's my life going to be about? Imagine the difference this effort can make!

Get youthworker resources and find how to bring this movie to your community!

On Track for a Record

2009 could prove to be a record year in both STL and BGMC giving!  At the writing of this post the numbers I have received from the national office show our STL giving to be up by 93% and BGMC giving to be up by 94% compared to the same timeframe in 2008.

If these percentages continue through the remaining months of 2009 our total given will be around $63,000 for BGMC and $116,000 for STL.  Those funds will go a long way in equipping our missionaries with much needed equipment, vehicles, and resources to be successful at sharing the Gospel message around the world!

Churches, children, and leaders are doing a fantastic job.  I'm just cheering you on!!!

Let's finish these last months as strong as we started!!!

Send Your Overflow Stories

I'm looking for some great Overflow stories.  I know they are out there - I've heard from nine SDAG youth groups over the course of nine days gave they gave a total of $9,000.  That's impossible to do without having some amazing stories of sacrifice!

As an incentive stories submitted between now and youth convention will be eligible to win a free iPod shuffle!  I know you didn't give in order to win - that's what makes it so beautiful!   This is a way to help share your story to inspire others.  You did amazing things, let's celebrate it together!

Email your Overflow stories to

Overflow stories can be submitted by students or leaders on behalf of the student.  To qualify for the iPod the story must be about money given/raised on a personal level in 2009.  All stories will be brought and displayed at Youth Convention 2009 where one random story will be selected to receive a free iPod shuffle.  A submitted story must be emailed to and contain specific amounts given - not just the goal. Posting on facebook, blogs, or other web locations are not considered valid registrations for the iPod.  All submitted stories become property of SD|YCE and can be used for continued promotion of STL in printed and verbal format.

SAMPLE (thanks Annette for posting):
Emily's Overflow so far...

In Semptember of last year, my step dad got into a really bad motorcycle accident that should have killed him, but from the glory of God, his life was spared. But I am not saying that he didnt come out without a scratch. Let me tell you... he was pretty banged up. During this time my mother wasnt working so we truly had no money. I felt like I needed to give back my allowance to my parents since they needed the money more then I did. During the process of healing and my stepdad being able to do the daily things once again (ex shower, eat...etc). I was going through some pretty hard situations also. By some miracle, we got through the rough patch with money.

In March my mom started a new job. My step dad still hasnt been working since Semptember and he started getting very depressed. One Wed night, Annette threw these little white papers on the floor for us to go pick one up to help little kids across the globe with things like food, doctors, and school and so forth. I started crying, I wanted to do one but I just didn't have enough money. Then Annette and myself had a very nice and long talk about how Overflow isnt just a dollar amount - its what you do too. I noticed that even though I wasn't giving money at that time, I was giving my time to different church events. Those profits where going to go to Speed the Light.

Then the 9nine challenge came and I really wanted to do it. I knew I didnt have the money and I didnt know where the money would come from. So one day I emptied my wallet into a box and put it on my book shelf. All I had was a dollar and a lot of change. Then my birthday was coming, so all I asked for was money. I felt called to give every single cent from my birthday money to this 9nine challenge. I know if you listen to God, he will pay you more then what you could have possibly wanted. So far, for the 9ine challenge I have raised $72.99. I have had thoughts saying I can't reach it. It's impossible. But I just have to keep believeing that I will earn it. Then a couple of days later, my moms boss, Doug (he owns the Dairy Dock) asked my mom how old I was and if I was looking for work!! And she said she had to talk to me about it and I said I would do it. They're even going to pick me up from school and bring me to work! They havent garenteed the job yet, but I believe that somehow I will raise the remaining money I need. Something I have learned during all this is that God will provide and I have to put my trust in him. Doing all this has really pushed me more out of my comfort zone and to do the impossible. With God's help everything's possible!

STL Customer's Perspective

Topic: Make Money
Title: Get the Customers Perspective
Text: 2 Thessalonians 3:7-10
Theme: Get a Promotion Pt 3

Read the Text: 7 For you yourselves know how you ought to follow our example. We were not idle when we were with you, 8 nor did we eat anyone’s food without paying for it. On the contrary, we worked night and day, laboring and toiling so that we would not be a burden to any of you. 9 We did this, not because we do not have the right to such help, but in order to make ourselves a model for you to follow. 10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”

Illustrate: The longer you are employed by a place of business the more difficult it becomes to remember what it’s like not to see your store with fresh eyes and be ignorant about just about everything.
By keeping the perspective of the customer you’ll be add value to the company by informing supervisors of things that could be confusing or overlooked by new or even repeat customers.
Things to observe:

  • cleanliness of the store (if it’s dirty, do something about it)
  • friendliness of the staff (if they are ignoring customers or swarming them that’s bad)
  • customer experience (is it loud, crowded, etc)
  • location of key items (if you rearrange things often it can become confusing to repeat visitors)

Challenge/Connection: If you can remember what it is like to view your place of employment from the perspective of the consumer you will be filled with ideas that will keep your company on the cutting edge.

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

STL Mongolia

STL - Mongolia from Mark on Vimeo.

Video showing how STL helps missionaries around the world. Produced by nym. Posted with permission. Download this and other STL videos in high quality at


Some passionate middle schoolers praying around their flagpole this morning!  Great to see our students willing to show their school and friends they love and care about them!  Keep going!


For nearly two decades students across America have met around their school's flagpole for a time of prayer and uniting early in the school year.  Tomorrow again, these middle and high school students will gather to pray for blessing over their school, administrators, families, friends, and community.

But STATP isn't just for the flagpole.  SYATP has caught on and prayer is now also being encouraged for elementary students and parents to meet at the playground on the first Saturday after SYATP.

This day is designed to complement the prayer strategy of See You At the Pole. Many parents have expressed concern about their elementary age children being at school early to participate in SYATP without adult supervision. (Many Schools will not allow adults on campus to participate in SYATP.) SYATPlayground is designed to provide an alternative for those situations and is NOT designed to replace SYATP.

This Saturday, grab your kids by the hand and make your way to your local elementary school playground to join together in prayer with other families for God's blessing and guidance on the schools.

STL Manilla

STL - Manilla from Mark on Vimeo.
Josh Lorimer sees firsthand how STL is used in Manilla. Produced by national STL office.

You're Alive: BOH

You’re Alive with the Book of Hope:

This is a special follow-up edition of the digest Book of Hope that also contains the first lesson of the new believers book, “Alive In Christ (retail $1.99 each)”. It also contains a decision card that can be torn out which makes it an excellent “first Bible” to give to new believers.

Packed 72 per case: Case Price is $97.20, single price is $1.35.

Other editions include:
  • Middle School BOH Magazine $1.00 each
  • Elementary BOH Magazine $1.00 each
  • Teen Spanish BOH $1.00 each
  • God Man DVD $12.00 each
  • General Audiences BOH $1.35 each
  • Teen BOH Magazine $1.00 each

STL Manilla

STL - Manilla from Mark on Vimeo.
Josh Lorimer sees firsthand how STL is used in Manilla. Produced by national STL office.

Your Wait Is Over

9ine TwitterFountain

i am resource

Found this amazing new ministry resource sharing network.  Very easy to use and has some quality stuff.

I am Resource is an online resource for youth pastors to share sermons, graphics, and other ideas. You can easily browse graphics from other youth groups or upload your own to share. It was developed by Keegan Walsh, a Minnesota youth leader and NCU grad. For more info, visit the website at

Need additional sermon resources?  Give volume III a try.  If you're an AG minister or church leader you can obtain a FREE access code.  Want to know more?  Send me a message.

Explore the Call


A new website and podcast called Explore the Call has been created to help teens identify, explore and nurture the call of God.

Pastors, leaders, students, and parents can use this resource as a platform to mentor those exploring the call of God to ministry.

The site features a weekly podcast to help teens explore God’s call, cool downloads, resources and helpful web links, a chat room and blog to interact with other students exploring God’s call, as well as access to online mentors.

You can access the site at

Spread the word

9ine Brain Child!

Just thought I would throw this out to all of my readers...

Justin Smith the brains behind 9ine mentioned the other day that is not booked to speak anywhere on September 9, 2009.

I suppose most youth pastors think he's already booked somewhere - well, he's not.  At least not yet. :-)

Find him on Facebook - give him a call, and have him come challenge your students for STL!

Youth Convention Details

CAUS: What Are You Living For?

2009 Fall Youth Convention Details have been posted and the registration packets have been mailed.  If you did not receive one and want to attend, please contact me for posters and rave cards.

All information is available online at

Here are some of the highlights:

Speaker: Michael Fernandez
Worship: Joe Garcia
Musical Guests: DJ Steve Wade and Blitz Maximus
Late Night Events: Concert and Dodge Ball Tournament
Impact Pierre

and much more...

El Salvador Photos

We've had an amazing time of ministry in El Salvador. Follow the links below to view my photos of our experience.

If you feel inspired to participate in a missions experience like this one during the summer of 2010 you may be pleased to know we are planning a return trip to El Salvador as well as trips to South Africa, Europe, Winner/Mission, and one other undisclosed location.

Learn more about these trips.

Select Photos on Facebook

Top Edits (12 photos)
Gallery 1 (126 photos)
Gallery 2 (135 photos)
Panaorma (5 photos)

Complete Collection on MobileMe

Gallery 1 (261 photos - also on Facebook)
Gallery 2 (289 photos)
Panaorma (9 photos - some on facebook)
MobileMe galleries give the option to download the entire gallery at one time!

If you have some pics from El Salvador that you would like to share, please add them to the Facebook fan page for SDAG Youth Ministries.

El Salvador Summary

After six days of ministry we have the following totals:

20 Programs
1282 People heard the Gospel
370 Decisions for Christ
144 Prayed for healing
386 Prayed for needs and problems

In addition to those stats we had one youth service and one Big Day
service with the teens of the churches. There were approximately 550
people combined.

On the fun and insane side:
3 times to eat pupusas
1 stop for chocobabanos
1 stop for ice cream
13 stops at gas stations for snacks and "el bano"
0 trips to the hospital
Countless smiles and laughter during ministry and bus rides
Countless prayers for the people of El Salvador

It was a great week of ministry. We leave behind some new friends as
well as new followers of Christ.

Check back in a few days for pictures.


Today we went to the beach at Atami. We were able to swim in the ocean
take dip in the salt water pools when the ocean crashes over the side
and washes up the crabs.

Atami also has a water slide, warm pool, and sone amazing food for

Tonight we will have our going away party and preparing to fly home

It's been an amazing trip. Thanks for your prayers.

Last day of ministry

We had a great last day of ministry. The team kept up the energy level
the whole time and did their best to not let the tiredness show through.

We celebrated Kelseys 18th birthday by starting the day with a song
and giving her a card (from mom) and later in the day had ice cream
cake at supper.

Our ministry today was in Apopa which is very stron in MS13 gang. At
one point we were able to pray with some gang leaders who had watched
the program.

We were joined for supper at Tony Romas by Don and Terri Tripplet.
They shared some atoriea of how STL has made a difference for them in

Friday to the beach

Schools, Streets, Campaigns

Today featured two "firsts" for us. Our first school Programs and our first night campaign.

The pastor we worked with today had received permission to hold two Programs at a local school.

The first program was for elementary students followed by a program for the older kids. Both were well received.

After lunch we did two more
street programs before out night service. This service will feature the king of hearts drama we learned at home, some students singing and  playing, and Jerad preaching.

Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and we had to "abandon ship" because of the rain. The songs were sung the preaching started and half of the drama completed before the rain hit. We believe seed was planted and will bear fruit. 

Tomorrow will be our last day of ministry. The team has worked hard the entire trip.

We look forward to finishing our ministry strong.

Operacion Sonrisa

Todays ministry was dubbed "Operation Smile" and featured six fully
dressed clowns (Jerad, Michelle, Margaret, Jimi, Krista, and Josh).
The rest of the team had their faces painted as well - a fun treat.

Today again, we didn't focus on a large number of programs, but
instead took time to play with the kids and create a stronger

These programs used the songs and dramas, but also included jumping
rope, frisbee, "football" (world style), and conversation.

We've had a great response at all of the programs and the team has
done great and health us good.

For lunch the team was surprised with pupusas for lunch in addition to
their sandwiches. Chivo!

It's hard to believe there are only two more day left of ministry. The
trip is going fast.

Thanks for your prayers, the injured ankles have not been a problem

Monday Highlights

What a great day of ministry!

We were able to do four longer programs today. By longer I mean we
spent more time playing with the children than usual. This was done
intentionally to build a more solid relationship and connection with
the local church.

One of our returning AIMers was able to see a child from last years
trip. That was a very cool moment.

We've been blessed with a bus that has worked very well for us. Other
than a ticket for cutting off a policeman we've had no issues with

All are in good health, but please pray for Jerad and I as we both
rolled our ankles this morning. The pain us manageable and ministry
continues, but we would love to be pain free :)

Thanks for your prayers.

Curch, Pizza, Shopping

We were able to participate in the "big day" where all of the churches
from the city cone together on one location for a special service.

We estimate about 450 people in attendance as the ES youth shared in
drama and video. The challenge for the day was to have your love for
God consume you resulting in victory in Christ

There was an amazing altar service and one individual said it was the
best Sunday service they had been a part of.

We were treated to Pizza Hut for lunch. A nice break from the ham or
peanut butter sandwiches we normally have.

Since they don't usually do Programs on Sunday we took the afternoon
for some shopping and a stop at an ice cream parlor.

Tomorrow (Monday) will be filled with street programs in Zone 1 which
is the zone for Pastor David, our interpretor.

We are looking forward to reaching kids all day.

First day of ministry

Today (Saturday) is our first day of ministry and the team is very excited.

We had a great prayer time last night starting with worship, praying for concerns that might distract us from our mission, then finally for God's anointing as we proclaim the Gospel to the children of El Salvador.

Today we are out for Programs in the morning and a youth service this afternoon.

Our clowns today are Kaitlyn and Kym. Tomorrow will be Victoria and Whitney.

We are all in good health other than a few minor upset stomachs... Just waiting for the digestive system to catch up - possibly some jet lag. :)


Ministry was great today. We did two programs in some housing projects. At the first there were several kids who were high from sniffing glue but still heard the presentation and responded to the message. 

The youth service featured our team singing some songs a message abot our identity in Christ and the King of Hearts drama. 

We are looking forward to Pupusas for supper and our day of ministry tomorrow. 

Thanks for your prayers. 

Kym's Overflow

We were challenged to start our own overflow stories at youth group. I REALLY wanted to be a part of it! So I put a goal of $300 down. Well right after that I had a leave of absence at work! Well I wasn't getting money in so it was hard giving it out to Speed the Light but I tried to give as much as I could every week. I really prayed hard that God would provide for me in that situation but also I had to raise money for my missions trip so I needed money there too. I was getting discouraged because I still wasn't giving very much money and it seemed like God wasn't going to answer my prayers. Well I just kept praying and seeking God and finally there was a breakthrough! I went back to work and had my yearly review (which I actually hadn't had in a couple years) and my boss told me that I was up for a raise... LAST YEAR!! In my head I was thinking 'Oh great and now I lost my chance of getting that raise and this whole time I could have had more money! Oh no!' But then she said something that blew me away. She said that they were going to back pay me for that money that I hadn't been getting for that whole last 11 months! Every hour and every day that I worked I would be repaid for the money I never received! If that wasn't amazing enough she went on to say that I got ANOTHER raise a month after that big check would come in! I was stunned to hear that! God really did provide for me. He provided a way for me to give more money to Speed the Light but also to pay more money than I would have been able to pay for my missions trip. I would encourage every person to just keep following after God and keep asking him to provide even when it feels like He's not answering because when you least expect it, He will pull through! This is my Overflow story, now it's your turn!

We've Arrived

Other than a brief flight delay our travels to El Salvador were
perfect. We pulled in to the Castle property around 11 at night.

After a good nights rest and scrambled eggs for breakfast we spent the
rest ofthe morning in training.

We've learned one ministry song, two fun dramas, and about six upbeat

Everyone is in great health and looking forward to swimming thus

Ministry starts tomorrow.

Camp Memories

Just a reminder that all camp photos have been posted online for you to view and download absolutely free.  If you would like to purchase the official camp DVD with videos and photos from the entire summer, please complete this form and send in your check.

Shirts: $15
Photos: $10
DVD: $20  -  DVDs should be available from production by the end of July.

All orders have the option of a complimentary copy of the 2008 DVD!

Prices include shipping via USPS.

Travel Day to El Salvador

Amazingly we left the church early. No travel issues - vans ran fine
and the check in process has never been this smooth.

Our flight out of Omaha has been delayed about 30 minutes but we
should still have enough time to make our connection in Houston.

AIMers are relaxing around the "campfire" (red blanket) and singing
worship songs. It great to have a guitar and some musicians.

Thanks for the prayers.

Follow the trip updates at

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Why not try our new Camp by Subscription.

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OnCourse Magazine - Great Resource

OnCourse Magazine has some great leadership resources for use in your youth ministry.  Check it out regularly!

Camp 2010 NEW Dates

Please note, the dates for camps have been modified for 2010 and beyond.  We believe this will help our older campers secure summer jobs without interruption, and provide a nice change in weather for the youngest campers!

High School Camp - June 7-11
Middle School Camp - June 14-18
Kids Camp - June 21 - 25

We are also offering fourth camp June 28-July 2.  Details about this camp and the ages included are pending.

Youth Convention Details

Plan now to attend youth convention November 5-7 at the Ramkota Convention Center in Pierre.  Details are online at

Speaker: Michael Fernandez
Worship: Joe Garcia
Artists: DJ Steve Wade and Blitz Maximus

Also Featuring:
Impact Pierre Outreach (Saturday)
Late Night Concert (Friday)
Late Night Dodgeball Tournament (Saturday)

and much more!!!!

Did you attend SDAG summer camp?  Find out how you can bring a friend for FREE!

2009 Camp in Review

Adventure Camp: 48 (pictures) - Speaker Paul Anglemyer
Highlight: Kids and parents ran the Amazing Race around the campground!  Winners gave snacks to everyone!  Rules with the Dodo Bird, Pastor Paul's lessons and illusions.

Kids Camp: 238 (pictures) - Speaker Jamie Doyle
Highlights: Rain + Monsoon + Cold + Camp = Great Attitudes!  Campfires in the rain, Buster, Kiwi Gorilla, Rec in the rain, Team Commercials (who doesn't need glow in the dark toilet paper?)

Middle School: 250 (pictures | video) - Speaker Lowell Hochhalter
Highlight: Marathon altar service, $250 water bottle auction, Youth Alive Campus Missions focus, Overflow launch, Amazing recreation!

High School: 314 (pictures | video) - Speaker Jaroy Carpenter
Highlight: Great weather (finally), $1500 shaved heads (you rock Janell and Keith), Talent show with American Idol judge guest appearances, amazing pre-service prayer times.

Worship at youth camps featured TheCurrent

Become a fan and upload your own photos and video to the SDAG Youth Ministries Facebook Page.

Nearly 100 people logged on to view the services online.  We hope to repeat this service and improve the quality for 2010!

STL - 9ine

On 9.9.9 (Wednesday, September, 9) we are looking for 99 students from across South Dakota who will bring an offering of $99.99 for Speed the Light!

Please take the opportunity to preach a powerful and challenging message to challenge your kids to work towards making 9ine a success across South Dakota!

There is no offering sermon post today.

After your goal setting challenge, please total up how many students have accepted the 9ine challenge and send in your number.

STL - Giving Beyond Money

Topic: Maximize Opportunity
Title: Giving beyond money
Text: Exodus 35:4-5
Theme: Give what you have:

Read the Text: Moses said to the whole Israelite community, “This is what the Lord has commanded: 5 From what you have, take an offering for the Lord. Everyone who is willing is to bring to the Lord an offering...

Illustrate: Share a story of when someone gave something to you that was more valuable than money. 

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • an unexpected hand-written card with a note of encouragement
  • time to help you complete a project
  • volunteering to care for your children while you went on a date
  • invited over for a meal

You may want to prepare a document or slide that has several missionary names and email addresses on it.

Another twist to this is to create “pen pals” with missionary kids.

Challenge/Connection: In today’s world we have the great opportunity to communicate with our missionaries through the internet. I want to challenge you to not only give in the offering tonight, but to make a commitment to get the email address for one of our missionaries and send them a note of encouragement and build them up.

Let’s give more than money to our missionaries.

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

Middle School Camp Highlights

Middle School Camp (Identity Crisis) kicked off on Monday night with some great worship from Current and a challenging message from Lowell Hochhalter.

Tyler has been doing a great job keeping the kids active and energized with some creative recreation events.  From four-square volleyball,  and ultimate steal-the-bacon.  Wednesday featured water sports which got a little help from a sudden down-pour.  Wild Wacky Water Wednesday turned in to a Free For All Mud Fest.  We are thankful for the lake where kids went to wash off!!!

I am fortunate to get to quietly celebrate my birthday at camps each year.  However this year someone announced it to the camp and I couldn't walk past a group of campers without hearing birthday wishes or people singing to me.  It was a great way to celebrate turing 35!

Our evening services have been absolutely amazing.  From the great worship times to the preaching and alter.  Kids have been responsive all the way.  Last night, some campers remained at the altars praying and interceding until nearly 1:00 AM when we gently guided them back to their cabins for sleep.

Be sure to watch for the photos posting soon.

We've been attempting to stream our services online but have ben experiencing some networking issues and apologize for the inconvenience.

STL - The Missions Army Knife

Topic: Meet Missionaries
Title: The Missions Army Knife
Text: I Corinthians 9:22-23
Theme: A STL is the swiss army knife of vehicles

Read the Text: To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.

Illustrate: Display a swiss army knife and have the students help discover all of the things you can do with the tool. STL helps missionaries accomplish more than getting from point A to point B.

Challenge/Connection: Bangladesh is a tiny nation tucked away in Southern Asia known for it’s over population, flooding, and poverty.

In missions, we are taught to become all things to all people. We need to “enculturate” to share the God’s love. Since our appointment to Bangladesh, we have found our Speed the Light vehicles have the same calling. In Bangladesh, our Speed the Light vehicles have doubled as boats, monster trucks, hearses, ambulances, moving vans, tour buses, taxis, and have also regularly doubled as bumper cars.

During extreme flooding we have driven our STL “boat” through the flooded streets of Dhaka with water almost coming in the doors. Our STL “monster truck” covered in mud has brought us through tiny roads in villages to dedicate a new church. Our STL “hearse” has brought Uttam, a child from the Home of Hope who died of cancer, to the cemetery. Our STL “ambulance” has brought our son Jared with his broken collarbone and a child laborer with his injured leg to the doctor. Our STL “moving van” has transported STL generators, STL sound systems, and STL video projectors to be used all throughout Bangladesh. Our STL “tour bus” and “taxi” has brought teams to present God’s love through drama and music to the youth of Bangladesh. Our STL “bumper cars” regularly get flat tires. Some get hit by trucks and taxis. Just the STL vehicle that my family uses has had the side mirror smashed four times by a bus.

One time one of these STL “bumper cars” had its windshield smashed by a shovel. All of them have been scratched by more rickshaws than we could count.

Our Bangladesh STL vehicles have become all things to all people. They have been used in a very practical way to “speed” the light throughout Bangladesh. For our family our STL “bumper car” has been an answered prayer for protection. Thanks to STL we can more effectively share God’s love with Bangladesh’s forgotten children.


Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

STL - Hide and Seek

Topic: Manage Resources
Title: Hide and Seek
Text: Luke 16:10-12
Theme: Budget 03

Read the Text: “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. 11 So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches? 12 And if you have not been trustworthy with someone else’s property, who will give you property of your own?

Illustrate: Hide and seek can be a fun game to play when you are an elementary kid.

But it’s not fun trying to find where your money went or hoping to get lucky and stumble across a $20 bill laying in a parking lot at the mall.

Yet that’s what most of us do with our money. Because we don’t make it a habit to tell our money where to go we end up searching for the money when we need it. Instead of planning ahead with our cash, we buy on credit and make a habit of impulse purchases.

Challenge/Connection: If we are going to be able to have enough money for our basic needs, to help out others, and have a little fun, we have to start telling our money where to go.

I recommend every time you get money you put some aside in your give (10%-tithe, plus some for STL), save (for emergencies and large purchases), and spend (for the things you need and want).

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

Mission:Winner 09

Need a cost effective outreach opportunity for your students?  Consider joining Tyler Tufte and Jared Dupert for Mission:Winner 09

DATE: July 17-22
COST: $200
MIDDLE SCHOOL: Mega Sports Camp (Basketball/Cheerleading)
HIGH SCHOOL: Sketch - Graffiti Discipleship Camp
EVENINGS: City-Wide Youth Services

Friday Night we will meet in Sioux Falls for a farewell service, training, team building, and spiritual preperation then be leaving for Winner on Saturday. We will return to Sioux Falls Wednesday night for a Welcome home service showcasing what we did on our trip, student testimonies, trip video/pictures, and a challenge to others to get involved in missions.

For more information please contact Tyler for the Middle School Outreach, or Jared for the High School Outreach

Trip fee includes round-trip transportation from Sioux Falls, meals, ministry resources, and lodging.  Some spending money is recommended for the purchase of personal snack items.

When Was the Last Time?

We preach about avoiding all the evils in the world.  We'll say stop listening to bad music, spending time with bad friends, going to bad places, and saying bad things.

A whole lot of effort goes into helping define what the bad things are and why we should avoid them.

But when was the last time we told our kids how much God loves them?  

When was the last time we looked each one of them in the eye to pierce to their heart and reminded them that God has an amazing plan for their life?

When was the last time we told them that God has a special name and identity for them - something different than what the world thinks of them, or even what they think of themselves?

When was the last time you put an arm around a child or teen to let them know God is still in control?

When was the last time your lesson reinforced that God does not make accidents - EVER!

When was the last time through you teaching, but more through your personal interaction, you let them know that they are loved beyond what they can imagine - and there is nothing they can do about it?

I think if we spent more time reminding of God's unstoppable love we could save a lot of time emphasizing what to avoid.  Ultimately, this then, saves a lot of heartache from poor choices down the road.

When was the last time?  Why not today?  Why not now.

STL - Get a Job - Eye Contact

Topic: Make Money
Title: Eye Contact
Text: 2 Thessalonians 3:7-10
Theme: Get a Job Pt 3

Read the Text: 7 For you yourselves know how you ought to follow our example. We were not idle when we were with you, 8 nor did we eat anyone’s food without paying for it. On the contrary, we worked night and day, laboring and toiling so that we would not be a burden to any of you. 9 We did this, not because we do not have the right to such help, but in order to make ourselves a model for you to follow. 10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”

Illustrate: When approaching any employee to locate the manager, get an application, or set up an interview, eye contact is important.

Be sure to greet the individual with a good firm handshake (practice now), look them in the eye and say:
“Hello my name is [insert name], and I am interested in working at [name of company]. Can you introduce me to the manager in charge of hiring?”

Greet the manager with a good firm handshake (practice now), look them in the eye and say:
“Hello my name is [insert name], and I am interested in working for you at [name of company]. Are you hiring right now?”

Allow response

“What shifts do you have open?”

Allow response

“Can I get an application to complete and then set up a time for an interview?”

Challenge/Connection: You might be applying for your first job or tying to find a new one, regardless, your initial impression can make the process simple or difficult. My prayer for you is that you will use the job that God provides for His glory.

Remember you are there for more than a paycheck.

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

CAUTION: Camps Ahead

June is one of the greatest and most exciting months of the year for me.  Its the time that kids come from across the state to one location out in the Black Hills for spiritual growth, a great time, and connection with peers and Godly mentors during our Summer Camp.

Please be in prayer for all of our camps taking place this month.

Here are some ways you can pray:

  1. Campers would be open to hear what God says to them
  2. Safety for travel and activities
  3. Wisdom for leaders as we interact with the campers
  4. For campers to be freed from habits
  5. For campers to know Christ, find direction for their future, to be healed, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit
  6. Anointing of the Holy Spirit on the Speaker and Worship Team
We would love our campers to hear your prayers.  If you would like us to read your prayer for camp please send it to (SUBJECT: My Prayer for Camp - Please Read).  We will read all approved prayers during our nightly prayer service.

Thanks for making our camps a priority in your own life!

Super Seniors - A New College Plan

Not long ago I was talking with a college senior (not pictured on the left - that's Toby) who was returning the following year to complete their degree.  I asked, "What will you be then?"  To which they replied, "A Super Senior."

I understand there are a variety of reasons students must take five and six years to complete their degree.  But, I'm fearful that more than want to admit it are comfortable living off of government education loans, wasting far too many hours in social activity, and as a result racking up an enormous school bill.

This is not a judgement of those with school loans, or a downer of those who are on the five or six year plan.  But what if we made the Super Senior one who completed their full BA degree in THREE YEARS instead of the traditional four or more.

They would still be paying for all of the credits, fees, and books.  But on the flip side, they could save a full year's worth of housing and food expense AND they could enter their field of study a full year earlier - thus reducing their debt load in an incredible measure!

Could it be done?  Would it save money?  Possibly.  An average BA degree requires 120 credit hours.  To finish in four years we take 30 credits each year.  But what if every opportunity was used to cram in additional credits.  Quick terms, June terms, Distance ed, a few credits during high school, or even a heavy semester or two.

Simply by increasing our annual credit load by 10 credits a student could walk away from school in three years time, start making money in the "real world," and stop living off of government education loans.

I would love to see someone try this new Super Senior plan and begin a new trend in college!

When you are considering your college education, please take a great long look at:

North Central University and Trinity Bible College.  Both schools produce quality leaders and give a great education.

Quit Giving Kids Bibles!

On numerous occasions I've visited youth and kids ministries with a "stash" of Bibles.  I've seen churches that provide "Pew Bibles" for use by church goers as well.

This seems like a great idea on the front side.  We help those who didn't bring their Bible, or possibly don't even own a Bible to follow along and get into the message.

However, I wonder if we were to survey those who are regular attenders (coming at least three times a month for more than three months) to find if they weekly use the "stash" or if they bring their own.

I would venture to say that most people get accustomed to using the Bible "stash."  However, I think this creates an unexpected negative outcome - no personal responsibility to bring their own Bible, read their own Bible, highlight their own Bible, or memorize what is on the pages.

If a Christian cannot remember to bring their Bible to church even some of the time - what makes us think they will remember to read it at home?  Or pray, or fast, or give, or have morals and integrity.  We must start EXPECTING that they will bring their Bibles, pray, fast, give, etc.  But we must also INSPECT that it is being done.

Bringing a Bible is not the key to salvation - but I suppose the presence of a Bible by their side could be a pretty good indication of how important it is in their life.

For a three month period - use the "stash" only for those newer attenders and start challenging the kids to bring their own.  But don't stop there - start giving them reading or memorizing assignments to use their own Bible at home or at school.

It just might help make stronger spiritual champions in the long run!

TEST:  Ask if they have ever left the house without their cell phone and returned to get it.  Then ask if they have done the same thing for their Bibles?  How important is His Word to us!

Youth Alive Testimony (ND)

The following testimony was received through the Campus Missions monthly report.  I hope it encourages you -- Teens today are making a difference!

Campus Club Testimony – Fargo North Dakota
JohnBaldwin13: Wow, looking back on this last month (April) and my scoring, you might think I'm not doing so well. The truth is God is really moving in my school. I felt called to lead a bible study/small group in my school at bible camp this past summer and when school started I was totally ready to.....but I was to wimpy and to scared to ask any of the teachers or my principle or superintendent. I struggled the whole year with asking someone but finally I did-with the Lord's great mercy and grace. He said yes, but I still had to find a room and a teacher to supervise. This took another couple months because once again I put it off, and I deeply regret it. When I asked my librarian if I could have it in her room she said that would be fine but I would have to fill out a ton of forms and write up other things that I just really didn't want to do. My library teacher was a Christian but I ended up asking my band teacher instead. He said I could definitely use the practice room. This was totally fine with me, I only was expecting about one other person the first week. But the Lord had different plans, there were eight people there!!! Surprise!! It was awesome though, I brought printouts for everyone and we/mostly I talked about God's loves, and some verses associating with it. Week two: 18 people. Week three, around 30.....Week four we had around 40 (I was also bringing cookies for everyone now. (That my mom baked of course, Thanks Mom love you!) Then I was going to be gone week five for some stuff out of town. I asked a really kind girl who I was hoping would continue bible study next year to take over for this day. When I got back some people said she didn't have it. This kind of disappointed me. I saw her in the hall the next day and asked her why she didn't have it. Her reply "Oh I had it--it’s just nobody came. I guess they just like you better John....maybe one day you should try having it without the food. See who comes." This was a major heart breaker. Just to hear all she said and the way she said it, and then when she said I guess they must just like you better. My only thought was no, no they don't, don't put that in your mind. God has extraordinary things in store for her life and to hear her say that really crushed me. Despite the major upset, I asked to her do her message the next week, and I will ask people to come, she didn't want to so I ended up doing it. We talked about believing and miracles, then we got some sick people together and prayed for them to be healed. I don't know if they were healed or not, but it was kinda cool, even though everyone else had their eyes open watching me like I was a freak! The last week I didn't get a count-I think it might have gone down some, but not really sure. This week though May 3rd we had it at lunch again in the band room (we are no longer in the practice room0 and 54 people were there!!! It was really cool, because I think was the best message yet and I think the Lord really helped me get the point across. (It was from John 4 about living water and that you need it if you want to have eternal life!!!!) My final point will be this, even though I waited for almost 7 months. When I finally decided to step out in faith and have the bible study the Lord was faithful and has blessed me and my school and is continuing to do so!! I am so excited for everything that will happen in the future and praise and thank God for everything that happened in the past. There's a revival at May-Port CG-no doubt about it!

STL - Ask Dad, He'll Buy

Topic: Maximize Opportunity
Title: Ask Dad, He’ll Buy
Text: 2 Corinthians 9:10-11
Theme: This is a future promise and a present reality.

Read the Text: Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness. 11 You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.

Illustrate: Ever have one of those Girl Scouts come to your door selling the cookies? I remember one guy recounting a story where if his wife came to the door the answer was usually - “No thanks.” But if he answered, he would buy several boxes.

The dad loved to encourage the girls, loved the cookies, and loved to support what they were doing.
If the girl scouts were smart they would come to that door and automatically ask for dad, because they knew his heart and knew he would buy every time.

It was the same money (one shared checking account, one stream of income - dad’s), but the purpose of the money and the heart of the source were different.

Challenge/Connection: When we are presented with opportunities to give our response should be to be generous on every occasion. Here’s why:

  1. It’s not our money/resources - everything belongs to God
  2. We use what we’ve been given to match the heart of the source - God is about souls

When the need comes knocking on the door will we tell them no and make them ask for the one who controls the money, or will we understand where it came from and His heart and give accordingly?

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

I Will Walk

It's great hearing stories of incredible personal sacrifice.  Let the following story of Mike Durbin inspire you to continue trusting God to help you write your own overflow story.

I Will
News Coverage

I'm Too Poor

In these economic times many are feeling the financial squeeze.  It's easy to begin feeling poor, or feeling like you don't have enough money to continue to give to BGMC or STL.

I received the following test from David Boyd the national director of BGMC.  Use this to see if  you are really poor.

"Millions of people around the world are really poor. Are you one of them? You would be if these statements are true about you.

1)    You’ve never owned a toy.

2)    You don’t own a pair of shoes.

3)    You’ve never owned a pillow.

4)    There isn’t enough food in the house for two days.

5)    Having a glass of fresh clean water each day isn’t possible.

How did you do? Chances are, you’ve never had to experience this kind of poverty. You probably own many toys and shoes, you have a pillow and also a bed, and you can always find food and fresh water. 

But millions of children around the world aren’t as lucky. They’ve never owned even one toy. It’s not that their parents don’t care for them. Every spare coin has to go for basic needs like food.

Shoes are a luxury. Many children have never owned a pair of shoes. Many have had a pair a few times in their lives, but soon they outgrow them or the shoes wear out.

A pillow is a rarity in most homes around the world. A child may have a mat and sometimes a blanket, but pillows are just too much of a luxury. Many children don’t have their own bed—just a corner in a hut or a makeshift lean-to built out of garbage. 

Food is plentiful in the United States. Even poor children usually eat more than once a day. They can get government support—free school breakfasts and lunches as well as food stamps to buy dinner food. Around the world, thousands of children die every month from lack of food. Sometimes this is due to famine. At other times it’s because they lost their parents and are on their own. 

Water is something we take for granted. In parts of the world there isn’t enough water. In other areas the water is polluted and people have to drink filthy water. People are lacking in clean, fresh, daily water. They also lack the living water of the truth of Jesus Christ. 

So how did you score? Are you poor? Or are you rich compared to these millions of children around the world?"

Times are tough.  But sometimes we simply need a new perspective on our current state to make us appreciate what we have and what we CAN do.

STL Goes to Hollywood

Topic: Meet Missionaries
Title: STL Goes Hollywood
Text: Revelation 5:9
Theme: STL provides creative communication

Read the Text: You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.

Illustrate: Ever wonder what goes in to making a movie. From writing the script, hiring actors, costume, set design, lighting, location, and more. All those details must be painstakingly thought through.
What if Steven Spielberg had the actors, script, and crew on location to shoot Star Wars - yelled action, the actors did the scene, then Spielberg yells, “Cut! OK, let’s see how it looks.” But there was no camera, no monitor to view it back on, no lighting on the set - just actors, a few extras, and the production team.

If they did that for the entire movie the audience would be relatively small. But with the proper video equipment Star Wars can be seen repeatedly in many languages on a variety of systems.

Speed the Light has provided IMM with the media equipment to produce videos that present the Gospel in countries and languages around the world.

Challenge/Connection: Thanks Speed the Light! The International Media Ministries (IMM) Team appreciates you. IMM is blessed to have YOU as partners in sharing the Gospel with over 75 million viewers each week. In fact, without STL it would not happen.

Speed the Light generously provides equipment we use to create dramatic Bible stories that literally reach the entire world. From Thailand to Turkey, Burundi to Bulgaria, Korea to Kenya. Video cameras, lights, editors, microphones, dvd duplicators, vehicles and more … touching the world with dramatic visuals of God’s Word.

The IMM team just returned from shooting more Bible stories at the Open air Bible Museum in Holland. The CREW is pictured with our Speed the Light vans and equipment—these are essential tools in sharing Christ via media technology.

With the help of STL, we are spreading the Gospel through broadcast media.


Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

STL - Million Dollar Question

Topic: Manage Resources
Title: More, More, More
Text: Luke 16:10-12
Theme: Budget 02

Read the Text: “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. 11 So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches? 12 And if you have not been trustworthy with someone else’s property, who will give you property of your own?

Illustrate: I’m sure we’ve all asked the question, “what would you do if you got $5 Million dollars?”
But how many of us have played this with - what would you to if you got $5 or $50? The same principles apply. How we spend our $5 is likely how we will spend our $50, $500, and more.

Challenge/Connection: This passage tells us that whenever we receive money we are proving what we will do if we had more.

In fact it tells us that what we do with a little may determine if we ever get a lot.

It’s also interesting to see the spiritual connection with how we handle our cash and how that plays out in the unseen world - “if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?”

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering. Tonight, think back to your last impulse buy. How much did you spend. Are you willing to impulse give tonight? I challenge you to give the same amount as your last impulse purchase.

Frisbee Advertising

Here's a unique and quick way to spread the word about an upcoming event or ministry.

Purchase dozens of custom frisbees (Google "Custom Printed Frisbee" - many available for $1.00 each in bulk) that have the name and details of your event and the "game" instructions.

Then in the afternoon while kids are at school drive around town to student's homes and leave them on their doorstep or driveway.

The instructions ask the students to sign their name on the frisbee if they are attending the event and then pass the frisbee on to another home of a student from your ministry or a friend from school.  Every student signs the frisbee and continues to pass it on until the start of the event.  The frisbee that arrives with the most names will be selected as the winner.

You could also offer an award for the student who signs the most frisbees and the frisbee with the most students in attendance at your event. As an alternate twist select one frisbee at random to be the winner.

Another option would be to do this on a weekly basis for a month and each week the frisbees are brought back and you start it over the day after your youth gathering.

NOTE:  Great group games are 1) Simple to understand and play, and 2) Involve the most possible amount of students.

STL - Get a Job - Attire

Topic: Make Money
Title: Attire
Text: 2 Thessalonians 3:7-10
Theme: Get a Job Pt. 1

Read the Text: 7 For you yourselves know how you ought to follow our example. We were not idle when we were with you, 8 nor did we eat anyone’s food without paying for it. On the contrary, we worked night and day, laboring and toiling so that we would not be a burden to any of you. 9 We did this, not because we do not have the right to such help, but in order to make ourselves a model for you to follow. 10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”

Illustrate: How you dress and your personal hygiene must be a consideration when applying for a job. Your first impression will be hard to compensate for if it is less than desirable.
Remember, as an employee you are representing the company to first time and repeat consumers. You want the employer to remember you as being a great ambassador for the company when you are working for them. You don’t want them wondering if they will need to talk to you about appearance as an employee.

Do you research and find out what is required of the employees and then do your best to at least match if not bump it up just a bit.  Suit and tie are overkill for fast food. Shorts and sandals don’t communicate the right message when applying for a fine clothing store.

Challenge/Connection: You will quickly find that getting and keeping a job isn’t about how unique you can be, or about how you can express your difference, but rather about how you can create value for your business. Most employers don’t have time to see through poorly thought out attire and bad hygiene and immediately say - “Yes, I can see how you will add value to what we are doing here.”

Take some time to consider what you wear and how you look before you walk through the door.

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

Help Them Finish

The youth, children, and parents we minister to are in a race. They face adversity and injuries...they might even trip and fall. Help them finish. 

She is hurting deeply but wants to move forward and achieve her dream. Others have told her it can't be done. Break through the crowd and help her finish

He is waiting for someone who believes in him to come along side and help him cross the finish line. Are you that someone?

" know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." James 1:3-4

STL - What's Your Emergency?

Topic: Maximize Opportunity
Title: 911 What’s Your Emergency?
Text: Acts 4:34-35
Theme: STL responds to needs all over the world - will we make them wait for assistance?

Read the Text: There were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned lands or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales 35 and put it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to anyone as he had need.

Illustrate: If you’ve ever had to call 911 you’ve heard the answer on the other end say “911 what’s your emergency?” The dispatcher will hear your need and immediately send the appropriate help. They do their best to be there in enough time to ensure, if possible, the need is met.

Can you imagine if the Emergency Response System was not in place. Let’s say you heard a “bump in the night” and it scared you so you called 911:

911 - “911, What’s Your Emergency?”

You - “I heard a noise in the house, I think there might be an intruder.”

911 - “Oh, man that’s a bummer. Let me see what I can do. I’m going to call a few people to see if they will get up and get ready and come to your house. They might need to have a bake sale to buy gas or borrow a car or something, but they should be there before morning. Do you think you can hold off until then?”

Not much of a rapid response is it?

Challenge/Connection: In Acts 4 the believers were meeting the needs even before they knew if a need would arise. They sold what they had and allowed the apostles to meet the needs.

Currently our STL needs far outmeasure the funds that are available.

Our goal is to make STL resemble the church in Acts 4 where the needs were met when they came up. When you give sacrificially to STL you are helping to ensure that when the need arises the response is ready!

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering - Challenge the students to give an offering equal to the amount of their cell phone bill - the method they would use to call 911 if they were in an emergency.

What Kind of Work Do You Do?

Youth leader, how many things in this video from the folks at Simply Youth Ministry can you identify with?

Is it worth putting up with some of the trials and frustrations of youth ministry so that you can realize the joys that result from perseverance and longevity?


Maybe you've seen it all and then some...may God help you to remain faithful through it all. The best is yet to come.

World Cup Outreach

In July, 2010, a team of students and leaders will be traveling to South Africa for a children's outreach in partnership with OneHope (formerly Book of Hope).

This outreach will include approximately 8 days of ministry to the children in communities surrounding the World Cup venues.

Ministry will include Soccer clinics for children, distributing literature, and showing the GodMan videos.

Plan now to be a part of this incredible outreach opportunity.  Participants must be older than 15 years of age by the time of departure.  Trip cost is $1,250 plus airfare.

We will need students and leaders to participate.

STL - Cares for Orphans (Thailand)

Topic: Meet Missionaries
Title: STL Cares for Orphans
Text: James 1:27
Theme: STL helps missionaries meet physical and spiritual needs

Read the Text: Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Illustrate: Social injustice and global awareness are very important to this student generation. It’s encouraging to know that when you support STL you are helping missionaries around the world meet physical and spiritual needs.

Challenge/Connection: After the December 2005 tsunami in Thailand, we were in need of vans to work in the projects that were going on. STL provided two vans that are still in use today in the southern part of the country where the tsunami hit. One van is now used in the orphans project which ministers to over 100 kids who lost one or both parents in the tsunami. It also provides transportation each week for the ministry team that works with the new church plant in that city. It has carried disaster relief supplies, ministry teams, families to church, and performed a host of other ministry-related tasks.

The second van was provided for Phuket Christian Center which has been in the thick of the tsunami relief efforts from the beginning since they are right there in the area where the wave hit. They use the van weekly to transport the ministry team two hours north to where there is a new church plant among the Morgan people who are sea gypsies. The whole village gave their hearts to Christ and the team travels weekly to do discipleship and training with them in the new church plant. This van has also done its share of other ministry-related tasks.

Thank you so much, STL, for the great work and partnership!

Dennis (source)

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

STL - Marble Money

Topic: Manage Resources
Title: Marble Money
Text: Luke 16:10-12
Theme: Budget 01

Read the Text: “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. 11 So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches? 12 And if you have not been trustworthy with someone else’s property, who will give you property of your own?

Illustrate: Have a bowl of marbles (or other small items) and line up a volunteer to assist you.
Give the volunteer a small amount of marbles and tell them they are to manage your marbles. These are not their marbles, they simply manage them for you. They are to manage those marbles according to how you would spend them. - take care of basic needs of life, have some fun, give to those in need. - first volunteer does this

Have a second volunteer and give him/her a similar amount of marbles and the same instructions. 

However, this volunteer puts all of them in his/her pocket.

Now ask the students which one would you give more marbles to?

The first volunteer - because they managed the marbles so that everything that needed marbles got the marbles.

Challenge/Connection: It is important that before you get your paycheck or money for birthday’s and odd jobs that you plan where you money will go. You must tell your money what it will accomplish for you or you will end up wondering what your money accomplished for you.

You must create a budget that is in line with what the “Owner” of all resources desires. Here is what must be included - Give (Tithe, Offering), Spend - basic personal needs and some fun, and Save for emergencies and large purchases.

If you determine where the money will go before you get the money you will learn how to manage those resources and then in turn will be trusted with more.

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

Bible Quiz District Finals Results

Congratulations to the following churches who did outstanding at our District Finals for Bible Quiz.  Over 65 children and teens participated in our 2009 Bible Quiz Finals at Sioux Falls, First Assembly of God.  In the JBQ division, 11 quizzers achieved their Discoverer Seal, 9 achieved Searcher, 4 passed the Achiever Seal test, and two received Master Seal status.

Learn more about JBQ and TBQ.

JBQ: C League
5th, Rapid City Bethel AG
4th, Sioux Falls First AG
3rd, Brookings Wesleyan
2nd, Watertown Family Worship Center
1st, Brookings Wesleyan

JBQ: B League
5th, Watertown Christian Life AG
4th, Sioux Falls First AG
3rd, Watertown Family Worship Center
2nd, Rapid City Bethel AG
1st, Brookings Wesleyan

JBQ: A League
4th, Huron First AG
3rd, Watertown Family Worship Center
2nd, Watertown Family Worship Center
1st, Rapid City Bethel AG

TBQ: A League
3rd, Rapid City Bethel, Lucas
2nd, Rapid City Bethel, Sullivan
1st, Sioux Falls Crosswalk, Nissen

TBQ: Rapid Fire
3rd, Rapid City Bethel, Lucas
2nd, Rapid City Bethel, Sullivan
1st,  Sioux Falls Crosswalk, Nissen

Camp Speaker: Lowell Hochhalter

Camp Speaker: Lowell Hochhalter from Mark on Vimeo.

Get to know our middle school camp speaker - Lowell Hochhalter. Hear his favorite camp memory and what he's looking forward to the most when he is with us this summer. That and more in this 11 minute video.

STL - Get a Job - Confidence

Topic:  Make Money
Title: Confidence
Text: 2 Thessalonians 3:7-10
Theme:  Get A Job Pt 1

Read the Text: 7 For you yourselves know how you ought to follow our example. We were not idle when we were with you,  8 nor did we eat anyone’s food without paying for it. On the contrary, we worked night and day, laboring and toiling so that we would not be a burden to any of you.  9 We did this, not because we do not have the right to such help, but in order to make ourselves a model for you to follow.  10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”

Illustrate: When asking for the interview and during the interview be confident in who you are and who God made you.

Be confident in your abilities and true to your passions.

At the same time, be careful in applying for a job just for a paycheck.  If you really aren’t interested in helping the company succeed the employer will see that and you may not get hired.

Challenge/Connection: God has given you your personality, your gifts, and abilities.  You will find yourself in a frustrating job if you try to present yourself confidently as someone you are not.   Have confidence in who HE mad you to be.

Receive Offering: Pray and Receive Offering

Interview with New STL Director

New STL Director Chet Caudill from Mark on Vimeo.

Interview with new Speed the Light Director Chet Caudill. Hear advice on how to make STL successful in your church throughout the year, how it is meeting critical needs in our world, and some great stories of sacrifice.

In the interview Chet references a website used for evangelism powered by STL servers.  This is the site he is referring to: (US Version:

Why Do They Drop Out?

LifeWay research has concluded a study on why 18-22 year olds drop out of church.  You might be surprised to find why some leave and some stay.

Read the study

Two CM's Leading on the Court

The State B teams gathered for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes breakfast on Thursday morning at Jerde Hall in Aberdeen.

Speakers were Aberdeen coaches Dan Grewe of the Family Y and Derik Budig of Northern State and players Casey Becker of NSU and Aberdeen Christian senior twin brothers David and Michael Rohrbach. The Rohrbachs talked about their love of basketball, playing the game since sixth grade, and their dream of playing high school varsity basketball.

That dream would not have come true had Aberdeen Christian not started its varsity program this past season. In their first and last varsity season, the all-conference Rohrbachs scored almost a combined 600 points to lead their team to an 8-12 season. “It was very cool, a lot of fun and great to be able to play with my brother,” said Michael. David added, “But our lives would be pretty empty if basketball was the only thing in it. Everyone has a void in their lives that needs to be filled by Jesus Christ.”

The Rohrbachs will attend Trinity Bible College in nearby Ellendale, N.D., this fall. David will play basketball for the Lions; Michael is undecided on whether he will continue his basketball career.

Sports Editor John Papendick - reprinted with permission - full story

Dangerous Teen Trend

Spot a group of teenagers and no doubt you find a cell phone.  These pocket devices do much more than allow a teen to call up a parent or friend.  Today's technology packed inside the phone allows access to the internet, taking pictures and video, and immediately sending those images to other phones or posting online.

A disturbing trend called "sexting" is happening more and more.  For those of you who have never heard of this before; "sexting" is when one cell phone user passes pornographic images to another.  Reports are showing this trend on the rise among teenagers and many times includes nude photos of themselves or a peer.

Many teens do not think of the long term damage this can bring and view it as harmless.  Our job as ministers is to help educate the parents.  Our job as parents is to protect our kids.

What can you do to protect your teen?  Here are a few steps to get you started. 
  1. Set ground rules for phone usage that permit only accountable usage.
  2. Learn the technology.
  3. Talk openly about this issue with your kids.  Ask - Have you ever considered sending that kind of picture?  Ask - What would you do or Who would you talk to if one of your friends sent you that kind of image?
  4. Do your best to ensure your home is a safe environment that fosters open communication, love, and respect.  This is the foundation your child needs when they are faced with any kind of risky behavior.

The following story depicts just how dangerous this practice can be. (see on FoxNews)